When the Sky Sings – An Interview with Airi’s

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Finland is a country of natural beauty and good-natured people, and the band Airi's reflect just that. Capturing the magnificence of the sky, the sunset, and the wide rivers and flourishing riverbanks of Espoo in their debut music video, Airi's draws inspiration from these into their song, "Does the Sun Smile To You" - a song about rising above a broken relationship, and welcoming the new day.  


What's behind the band name, Airi's? What does it mean?

We came up with the name Airi's when me and our guitarist Tuomas Hokkanen realized that both of our grandmothers' first names were Airi. So it's a tribute to them and also a tribute to the song Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls as we try to reach that level of emotion in our music.

Your band was founded January 1 2019 - did you have other bands before Airi's? What made you want to form a band?

Yes. Each of us has had different projects before Airi's. When this band came together though it has become this first priority band project. Me and Tuomas formed this band because we wanted to do our own thing with the guys who support that and bring their own jinx to the juice.


How did you get to know each other as a band, and what do you like most about working together as a band?

Tuomas and I have known each other for quite a while since we played in the same band previously for many years. We got to know our drummer Thomas Aura as we started going to the same open mic nights in our home town and he later introduced us to Julius Lindberg who became our bass player. Playing together I think feels the most important to us and is the most joyous part of being in a band.

What inspired you to be a musician? At what age did you guys start making music / playing instruments?

Personally for me the world I get in when I'm playing the guitar or listening to music is the most inspiring thing and the part of this that I'm most curious about. All of us have started playing music between ages 9-15.


You mentioned your influences as music, nature, life. What's the most wonderful thing about the place where you live - Espoo? How do you go about songwriting?

The most wonderful thing about Espoo is the opportunity to grow and develop one's passion in peace. Most of the songs we play are written by me (Joni Hartikainen) but we make the band arrangements together as a band.

Being an 80s kid, your music almost reminds me of Bonjovi and other 90s pop greats. What kind of music do you like listening to? Is there any music or artist in particular that you find inspiration from?

It would take the whole day if we listed all the artists that influence our music but the 90's music definitely is well appreciated within our group. As a songwriter myself I have to say that J. Karjalainen is a legend!

What does music and being a musician mean to you?

Music means life. Being a musician means living the life.


Best gig ever : please describe?

I have to say our best gig in my opinion was at Boothill Rock Club in Helsinki. The energy was on point and all kinds of crazy stuff happened that night.

Your favorite song among all your songs, and why?

There's a song that I love called Flowers that we haven't played much yet but I think for the whole band a song called June's Grace might be the most enjoyable one.

Band member with a weird habit?

There's not much weirdness going on in our habits. Everyone is their own individual in our little group.

Most interesting, funny, memorable, or weird thing that ever happened during a gig?

During our very first gig I got hit in the head by a guitar headstock and the same thing happened to our guitarist during the last gig of the year 2019.

If each one of you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

If you think about a fruit basket where the heavier fruits are at the bottom and the small and the colourful ones are on top that would be like Airi's. So I think we could be any fruits you like but we would definitely be a well put fruit basket.


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