A Spectrum of Sound – An Interview with Biotic Engine

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Many thanks to Biotic Engine for answering this interview and sharing stuff about their lives, and their music. With a good ear for catchy hooks and lots of time spent in the studio perfecting their sound, Biotic Engine is something to look forward to -

About the Band

A variety-packed bunch of individuals who fluctuate air waves utilizing differential ways of kinetic pressure so as to induce various vibrational pitches flowing into your head - we call it music!

Biotic Engine was formed pretty recently, we try to make a varied spectrum of music but I guess you could call us an alternative rock band! We focus on not sticking to any particular sound, but doing whatever brings us the most joy and good vibes when playing together.

Band Members:
Jakob Drycksbäck: Lead moans & rhythm axe, occasional keys, a bit of everything.
Rasmus Dahlvik: Pots & pans, occasionally drums.
Andreas Långbacka: Brown low notes on four strings, pedal stomping.
Thomas Nylund (A.k.a. Styrox): Synthesis, bleeps as well as bloops, lead axe & headscratching.


Biotic Engine : what does your name mean? Any story behind it?

The name describes our band, a combination of organic and synthetic elements.

When did you get together as a band, and how did you guys find each other? What made you guys want to play music with each other? 

We've been friends for a long time before even playing together. All of us have been in several bands already. We've only played together for 1 and a half years so far... The plan was originally to play a couple of shows consisting of Led Zeppelin covers, but we soon got tired of that and wanted to play our own stuff.

I listened to your songs in Spotify, and your sound "Descending" in Youtube. Can you tell us more about your music? Your favorite artists, your influences? 

We have a very wide taste altogether, everyone likes different stuff in the band, all the way from 60's rock to metal, and electronic music, rock is a middle ground for all of us.


Can you tell us more about your background as musicians? How you learned to play and write music? 

None of us have a formal musical education, we've all played music from a quite early age. We are all more or less self-taught.

How do you go about songwriting? How do you guys get together to write songs, the process, where do you get inspiration?

Everything you have heard till now is written by our lead singer Jake, and then further refined/produced by all of us in the process of recording. We have full time access to a studio and the lead guitarist takes care of the recording/producing process, and also writes some of the songs.

What does music and being an artist mean to you?

Music means expressing emotions through sound, being an artist means hopefully reaching out emotionally to your audience and making them feel.

Can you recall your earliest memory about music? That one thing that made you want to be an artist / musician?

Our lead singer remembers hearing the first album by The Beatles, and from then on wanting to create music. Mr. Drummer guy has always liked to perform in front of an audience, whether it is acting or playing music.

Whats the best thing about being in the studio and making music? 

Having fun, not having to rush since we're not paying for any studio time, being able to make the songs really good and thought out.

Can you describe your best gig so far? The best thing about playing live? 

Our last gig, you're only as good as your last gig!

Most memorable, weird, interesting, or funny thing that ever happened to you as a band?

Our first single got airtime on the radio, that was pretty interesting! Our weirdest memory is when our drummer reversed his car into a ditch after a show and had to get towed up by some guy.

If each one of you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

Jake: Durian, because it smells like a carcass.

Rasmus: Strawberries.

Thomas: Probably some kind of citrus fruit, because... I'm slightly toxic?

Andreas: Kiwi.


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