Finding Something Extraordinary – An Interview with Blame Me!

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About the Band

Blame Me! is a high-energy four-piece from Helsinki, Finland with a new and modern musical style that is influenced by 2000’s Alternative Rock and present-day Melodic Metal. The end result is tracks that are motivating and memorable, tracks that hit listeners hard and keep them engaged. The latest Blame Me! release is the single “Trauma" and it is a perfect introduction to the band’s sound for the uninitiated. Crucial hooks meet a hard-driving pocket and superior skills, creating a song with the x-factor needed to break internationally. The band has also released two EP:s Anywhere, Anytime and World Doesn't Owe Anything to You.

Blame Me! was formed in Helsinki in 2015 and has been building its brand and reputation ever since. The band has played area venues with great success and is now aiming at the global market. Blame Me! writes songs about intense emotions like frustration, disappointment, anticipation, and hope to let audiences know that no one is alone in these feelings. People identify with the lyrics, move to the music, and become part of the family. Blame Me! rocks hard and thinks deeply, making the group a compelling listen for anyone searching for quality modern sounds. 


Blame Me! : why this name? Any story behind it?

It is actually a funny story. Our guitarist on his winter vacation a few years back went to Thailand and wanted to tattoo a word in Thai, but instead of getting what he wanted he got "blame" in the local language and that's how we adopted that name.

When did you get together as a band, and how did you guys find each other? What made you guys want to play music with each other?

We've got to know each other through friends and by seeing each other play live and by shouting "I choose you". We don't yet hate each other so that's one of the main reasons we are still playing together.

Ive listened to your music in Spotify, I love the songs What a Waste, and Traces, the lyrics as well! Can you tell us more about the singles, "What a Waste" and "Trauma", and "The World Doesn't Owe You Anything" - what the songs and the EP are about? What inspired them? How were they recorded, the producer?  

As a songwriter, I gather a lot of inspiration from my personal life, from emotional stories in media about inequality or unfair treatment. Every single person has hurtful, distressing and sad moments in their own lives and I want people to understand that they don't need to be alone with those feelings. We want to be there to help them get through the hard times. We've recorded most of our songs with our producer Rami Nykänen, who is an extremely skilled producer and audio engineer. 


Can you tell us more about your background as musicians?  

We all have been playing our instruments from the time we were small kids, and the love for it has just grown with time. 

How do you go about songwriting? Do you write songs as a band? Do you try to be experimental? 

Usually, our songs start with a riff or a melody and the song is build on that. All band members give their input and out comes a pile of shit or a block of gold. It's always good to try new things sometimes you fail, sometimes you don't and those are the times we might find something extraordinary.

What does music and being an artist mean to you?

Making music means everything. It is the reason for living and the way to handle our emotions.

Can you describe your best gig so far? Whats the best thing about playing live? What are your goals during a concert?

Last year we were playing on an Open-air festival in Kaliningrad, Russia. It was our biggest audience to date and we had such fun. Russian people are so passionate about music, very warm and welcoming. Would love to play there again.

Most weird, interesting, or funny thing that ever happened to you as a band? 

We spent 6 hours on the Russian border without water and a toilet and we didn't have any common language, as we don't speak Russian and they didn't understand English.

Name something most people dont know about you as a band?

We are all big anime nerds. We love that stuff.

Just for fun: If each one of you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

Our drummer would-be, for sure, a lemon. Bitter on the inside, but some people do like the exquisite taste. Our guitarist is a pear for his pearshaped booty when he was younger. The bass player a  banana and the singer is a kiwi, she thinks she's cool but in reality only old people like her.


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