Kirka Babitzin – An Interview with Deadbeat Citizens

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About the Band

'Deadbeat Citizens' is a group of individuals from Kuopio Finland playing rock music for the citizens of the world!


Deadbeat Citizens: Any story behind the name?

We were arguing over the name for quite a while as we wanted everyone to be on board with the final name. At the time Niko was writing the lyrics for our song Deadbeat Citizens and we found out that all of us had a connection with the story in the song.

Your EP, "From the Beginning", can you tell us more about it? How did you write and record this EP?

We wrote the songs in quite a basic way. Remu our guitarist Brought riffs to our rehearsal space and started jamming around the riff. Then we'd record a sample for everyone. Niko would then come up with lyrics and singing melodies. The recording sessions were a special spectacle.

How did you get together as a band? Any specific reason why you wanted to be in a band with them?


Can you recall your earliest memory about music? That one thing that made you want to be an artist / musician?

As each one of us was having our daily nap in the cradle we heard Kirka Babitzin rock on the radio. That was a experience that has stayed with us till this day. 

How'd you learn to play music?

We tried to learn Spanish then some wierd stuff happened.

Who are your influences?


Can you describe your best gig so far? Whats the best thing about playing live?

The upcoming gig in HRC.

Any memorable, weird, interesting, embarrassing or funny incident that ever happened during a gig?

The upcoming gig in HRC.

What are the plans for the future?

Our plan is to survive and to keep doing our thing as long as we can.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Do not try to do a cartwheel without hand and with cigarette in your mouth

If each of you in the band were a fruit, what would you be and why?

Bassist Kuisma would be a pineapple because its yellow 

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Our Drummer Zumo sings Kirka's Surun pyyhit silmistäni pois.

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