Songs of Life – An Interview With Pretty Marc

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Listening to the songs by Pretty Marc is almost like listening to someone like Elton John and Bernie Taupin. And interestingly enough, band leader Marc writes in a similar way - where he provides lyrics for melodies created by his band mate Antti. Pretty Marc writes songs about life - with no bars, in both sincere and satirical ways. Its always interesting to hear what they have to say! Check out their music below -



The whole idea of the Pretty Marc concept started when the lead guitarrist in a Helsinki based rock n’ roll coverband I play in, called Seven Mugs decided to leave. We desperately needed a good replacement and my wife came up with the brilliant idea of me contacting a collegue of hers who was very passionate about music. I gave Patrick a call and even though he already played in two other bands he was more than interested in giving Seven Mugs a shot.

Since the day he joined up, both Pattick Sinervo and myself, Marc Aulén realized that we had something in common beyond Seven Mugs. We both had a huge ambition to start making our own music. Our first step with Pretty Marc was to finish off a song I wrote for my wife, Song for Sue, after twenty great years together. We had a talented producer help us put it together. Thanks Totte Rautiainen for helping out. You play the honky tonk like a mad man! Great job!


After we finished Song for Sue we started working on new songs, me working on the lyrics and some basic chords and Patu spinning his magic, putting meat on the bones and bringing everything to life. At an early stage we understood eachother. The work process is fun, fast, creative and carefree.


Can you recall your earliest memory about music? That one thing that made you want to be an artist / musician? 

I remember hearing The Beatles Strawberry Fields as an eight year old in the backseat of my dads silver blue Ford Mustang. It was a huge moment that blew my little mind!

Can you tell us about your background as an artist or musician? Your previous bands and such?

I actually started out really late. I am fifty six years of age and was invited to form a band called The Roadhouse Cuckoos when I was around fifty. The band no longer exists but I am currently also the singer in a cover band called Seven Mugs.

As an artist, who are your influences? What artists do you like listening to?

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles. Tom Petty, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Brandi Carlile, The Doors, Chicago


How do you go about songwriting? Where do you find ideas? And what things do you consider when composing a song?

I've downloaded a dicta-phone on my phone, where I dictate ideas for songs and lyrics. The whole Pretty Marc band project started out as a duo with myself, Marc Aulén and Patrick Sinervo. We started writing and composing really strong stuff together and after we had our first three songs done, The Politician, Underdog and Song for Sue ready, we both understood that we needed to grow into a band. The rest is history.


The track "The Politician" is funny lol - what made you want to write this song? "Underdog" is perhaps similar?

Well, we all know that they are full of shit. I just wanted to say it out loud. I love the lyrics and the tune in The Politician! If you listen closely, you can hear a guy say "what a f--king wanker!" when the song ends. The Underdog was vaguely about myself. 

"Song for Sue" - can you tell us more about it? The lyrics and such?

I wrote this song for my wife Susanne. We've been together for over twenty years and I still love her to bits! This song was basically a big THANK YOU for a fantastic time together. 


How do you go about songwriting? Where you get your inspiration from?

At the moment I have been most active with my writing together with our bass guitar player Antti Porkka. We have found a perfekt formula the works like a charm, every sing time. Antti composes the music frames for the song and sends me (on Whatsapp) the basic idea where he plays and hums the new song. I start listening again and again to his idea until I get my Eureka moment, my moment of clarity. After this, writing is easy. I put the lyrics together and we meet up at the restaurant I manage (Qulma, Helsinki) where we try it out. When we 'get it' on point we record it and send the song to the bands Whatsapp page. At this stage everyone in the group gets to bring their thing to the song. Together we put the pieces together until everyone is happy. Currently we have 17 original songs.

Can you describe your best gig so far? Whats the best thing about playing live?

Being a new band, we all feel that we have to have everything together before we hit the road. Pretty Marc has only played a handful of gigs but each and everyone has been a blast! The best thing about performing live is the buzz and connecting with the audience. Nothing beats the feeling of standing on stage! I would say that my favorite gig to date was a fundraiser for a n organisation that helps former drug addicts get back on their feet again. I'll never forget the focus I got from the audience. They listened to each and every word that I sang. Strong stuff!

Most memorable/bizarre/interesting/funny thing that ever happened during a gig?

I have a really big voice and once the microphone broke during a gig. Nobody noticed a thing...and we play loudly.

For Fun : something most people don't know about you guys as a band? 

We are an interesting bunch: a (twice) published author, a priest, a weather man, a teacher, a brand specialist. On occasion we also have a guy come and play who works closely to Finlands President.

Most weird, interesting, or funny thing that ever happened to you guys as a band?

We are still such a new band that we haven't YET been through any weird stuff, but just wait! Every day together is interesting.

If each one in the band were a fruit, what would they be and why?

We're all straight 😂


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