Tales from the Wasteland – An Interview With Rust N Rage

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Plastic TV idols and schlager jerk-offs, leave the premises! The West Coast of Finland is going to explode! Hot, young, armed and dangerous, Rust n' Rage is roaming the rooftops of Pori city. Barely 20-year-olds, Vince, Johnny, Jezzie and Eddy pledge their allegiance to rock gods such as Mötley Crüe, Guns n' Roses and Judas Priest.


Rust N Rage : Any story behind the name?

As boring as it sounds, not really. It just had a nice ring to it and we've stuck with it from the beginning. 

How did you get together as a band? What made you want to be in a band with them?

We're all from the same city (Pori) and the music circles are pretty small around here, especially considering rock-music. All of us loved playing this type of music and it didn't take long for us to meet each other and start jamming. The original line-up had a few different characters but the line-up now is the correct one for the band. It's also been solidified for 10 years and we're actually celebrating 10-years of Rust n' Rage now in 2020!

How did you first hear about Mötley Crüe, Guns n' Roses and Judas Priest? What drew you to Rock N Roll?

Sure all of us have an unique answer for this one but considering they are some of the biggest bands in the scene, it's nearly impossible to not have heard of them. What drew us in to their music was the sound, melodies, lyrics and overall energy these bands deliver. We wanted to create something similar with our own style and perform it to an audience who loves to experience the music as much as we love to play it.

Can you describe your best gig so far? Whats the best thing about playing live?

We try to keep a mindset that every gig we play is gonna be the best gig so far. There's been many good ones and it's nearly impossible to pick-out a single gig. But the one thing all good gigs have had in common is that the audience digs it. This comes from tight playing and creating an atmosphere where you can enjoy the music and go nuts. When an audience can see and hear the energy in the performance and they show their own enjoyment to us, that's the best thing 'bout playing live.


Best crowd ever during a gig? Please describe!

Best word we could think of was 'Responsive'. It's always a priviledge to play to an audience and when the audience really digs the gig, it shows. They scream and shout with you, they don't just sit in their seats but come closer to the stage to get the most out of the show.

Any memorable, weird, interesting, embarrassing or funny incident that ever happened during a gig?

Definitely. A gig we did a while ago, once the first chords were played, a dude fell to the stage after having a couple drinks too many. We knew that gig was gonna be epic and oh it was. Most funny or weird stuff during gigs is mainly revolved around alcohol, were it consumed by the audience or the band. Of course the set is always tight and the gigs are done professionally nowadays. In the beginning there was a couple of lessons that being too drunk on a gig is a big no-no!


About your latest album, Tales from the Wasteland, can you tell us more about it? The songs? How'd you go about recording it?

Most of the songs we've had around for years already and it was just a matter of picking the ones we enjoy the most and putting them on the same record. On this album there is a lot of different sounding songs and so the name 'Tales from the Wasteland' was a good pick, since every song is a "tale" in itself. We recorded all of the songs in our town Pori. Tuomo Vähä-Pesola was the one who we did the recordings with, where as the record was mixed by Antti Kauppinen and mastered by Reijo Koivula.

How do you guys go about songwriting?   

The songs are composed mainly by the whole band. Usually the basis comes from an riff-idea from our guitarrist Johnny and we start to mold it to a direction and see where it takes us. The lyrics are mainly done by him as well. We try to record a demo from a new song, and listen to it to see what works and what doesn't, then change it accordingly.

How'd you learn to play music?  

All of us are more or less self-learned musicians. We've had the will to start learning and seeing what works. And once we had the hang of the basics, we started to play together and improve ourselves through that. And from playing together for 10 years, I'd say we've gotten pretty good at it!

Can you recall your earliest memory about music? That one thing that made you want to be an artist / musician?

It's pretty much the same for us all. You heard a good song when you were a kid and it stuck with you. You listened to it again and again, and started getting to know different songs, different bands. After comprehensive listening and getting to know more and more material we all knew this is what we wanted to do. There was no turning back after that.

Funny or bizarre tour stories on the road?

There are so many of these, man. Most of the funny stuff happens during traveling to a gig or a new venue. We also did a tour in Britain in 2015 and there was a load of funny incidents, mainly focused around navigating through wrong-sided streets of England and getting to the next venue on time. Once we start picking out the funniest bits though, it would require a 'parental advisory'-sticker so you can just ask about those once we meet live!

For fun : If each of you in the band were a fruit, what would you be and why?

A combination of grapes because they could make killer wine. 😉


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