Rock and Roll – An Interview with Bangkok Dollars

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Bankok Dollars are Tino, Max Mikko, and Janne - a Finnish melodic hard-rock band influenced by Guns & Roses, Hanoi Rocks, and more. As a band who gets the most thrill from playing live, Bangkok Dollars are an 'explosion' onstage. 


How'd you come up with the name, Bangkok Dollars?

Our drummer Mikko saw a dream in which he formed a band named Bangkok Dollars.

Do you guys in the band share the same taste in music? What kind of music do you each listen to? And how do you feel this plays together when you write songs?

Yeah, mostly yes. We listen to older rock n roll and some heavier stuff too. Of course writing songs have influences from music each listens.


How did you guys find each other and become a band in 2014?

Three of us got to know each other as a children and started to jam at 2013. Last guy joined in 2014 from high school and the rest is history.

What have you been up to from 2014 -2019 before releasing your debut album?

We had few gigs at near restaurants and pubs and basicly we played for fun.

Your debut album, "Roses and Ravens" - what does this album mean to you? How many hours, days, or months of work went into creating this album? What are your favorite songs in the album? How many songs didn't make it to the album?

It was like a one year project. Some of the songs were writed earlier, but in 2018 we started to record song with a goal to release a debut album. The album is big thing to us and moved the band more to a professional way.

Favourite songs

Tino: Roses n' Ravens

Mikko: Never Been In California

Max: From Hanoi

Janne: From Hanoi

There was maybe few song that didn't make it to the album, but every good song we wrote got included.

I see you love Guns and Roses, Skid Row, and Hanoi Rocks. How would you compare the music and bands in the 80s to the music and artists today? Is there something you feel artists today have lost, and can learn and pick up from 80s artists?

In every decade theres good and worse bands and songs, but the music on 80s and 90s resonates better with us. But of course there much good new stuff also.

Maybe nowadays artists could be more genuine with their music. Theres so much prosessing and stuff so more new songs starts to sound like a same.


What does music mean to you, throughout your life so far?

Now playing music is our hobby, but maybe in the future it could be our job. Nevertheless music will be on our lives everyday.

Whats better: (1) being in studio recording new songs, or (2) playing live and touring?

We all think that best music is the live music!

What are your plans as a band?

Record more albums and proceed to a bigger stages here in Finland or why not abroad.


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