At Full Force – An Interview with Divine Apocalypse

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We'd like to thank Divine Apocalypse for this interview! DA are Saku Lintala, Antti Hautala, Juho Kurikka and Aaro Kurikkas - young musicians from Kurikka playing metal music. 


How did you guys meet and form the band?

Current lineup was formed after Saku and Antti were only by themselves, and got the brothers to practise with them from another band which was practising before them in a common rehearsal space.

How long have you been working together?

A little over two years


Can you name one interesting thing about each band member?

Aaro was also playing in an amateur Counter Strike: Global Offensive team.

Juho has made a youtube video with 2 228 364 views on it.

Antti is working as a lifeguard.

Saku has cool socks.

What's the best thing about metal?

It is brutal and melodic at the same time. It can be beautiful and aggressive and convey all human emotions. It "jysii", "käskee", and "iskee ku nyrkki" if you know what I mean.

Whats the best thing about playing live?

The freedom of expressing yourself in whatever way like. It's nice to see how the crowd reacts to your music.


Can you describe your best live gig so far?

We got the chance to perform in a professional environment at YaRockSm 2019 in our home town. The crowd was full of young rockers who dug your gig and there was even a circle pit in which Saku joined from the stage.

Who or what got you into music and being a musician?

AC/DC, Juho

Accept, Aaro

Iron Maiden, Saku

Aaro got to play bass in a music store and got interested. Johnny Christ was Aaro's early influence.

Have you always been a metal fan?

Juho was listening to some electronic music at first and Aaro also. Antti has always been listening to metal and other genres as well. Saku listened to some electronic music while playing League of Legends when he was young.

What kind of artists and music do you love listening to?

Aaro likes melodic stuff, Antti likes anthemic stuff, Juho has gotten into heavier stuff over time, Saku likes all kinds of music, but especially death metal.

Who would you consider as influences for your music?

Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, some Pantera, In Flames, some influence from Carcass, and from Gojira in the technical side of things.

What other music genres or artists do you get ideas from, when wanting to innovate and make something new?

Saku likes to listen to some technical and progressive music when drawing inspiration for our own songs. We also like to just put on a drum track from Youtube and riff over that when coming up with ideas.


Can you tell us more about songwriting? How do you guys go about writing songs? What do you draw inspiration from?

We write riffs by ourselves, and compose those riffs and ideas to songs together.

Every song that we do is its own story. Sometimes one band member writes the whole song, other times we go about writing and composing together.

Lyric-wise, our songs so far have had themes like climate change, death of a close person, relationships, hate between humans and some other dark themes.

Whats the most dangerous, weird, inspiring, or funny thing that ever happened to you guys as a band?

Probably the most dangerous thing was when we first went to a professional studio and then drove back to Kurikka in a blizzard. We went to Mikkeli for a national band event where we played and made some new friends, which was very inspiring.


What are your plans as a band?

To release new music and music videos and vlogs and all of our content. The plan is to keep going at full force.

Just for fun: If your band members were each a fruit, what would they be and why?

Antti would be apple because he is a traditional finnish boy. Juho would be dragonfruit because he is a unique snowflake. Aaro would be pear because he is tall and sweet. Saku would be blood orange because he is kind of boring on the outside but not on the inside.


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