Music and A Good Time – An Interview with Everwave

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Many thanks to Everwave for sharing their insights about songwriting, their positive outlook on the industry today, and several interesting stories about gigs and bandmates!

"We are Everwave from Kuopio / Tampere and we’ve been offering atmospheric metal with distinctive riffs and powerful vocals since 2012. Our vision of modern metal is built on top of heavy sound, strong melodies and intense live presence with a hint of post-apocalyptic storyline." 


What inspired your name, Everwave? I understand the concept your whole album revolves around the name (the lyrics)? Can you please tell us more about the album as well?

The ocean and nature have been strong sources of inspiration since the beginning so the name stemmed from that. We also wanted to keep it somewhat abstract so it doesn’t have any direct meaning or translation. The album’s theme revolves around environmental topics with subtle sci-fi flavors.


I understand your music is a fusion of different kinds of rock and metal sub-genres, such as combining melodic vocals with hardcore. In being innovative and experimental, what artists and music styles influence you as a band? Are there artists or music genres aside from heavy metal that you listen to and/or draw inspiration from?

Our taste in music has broadened throughout the years and this has naturally provided us with more tools in our songwriting toolbox. The amount of inspiration coming from other genres is actually quite substantial nowadays. At the moment our songwriting seems to be inspired by certain nordic progressive rock/metal acts, but it's safe to say there's not a single genre we wouldn't want to artfully steal at least something from!


How long have you been together as a band? How has it been working with your band members? Can you tell us more about your band members?

The band was founded in 2011 and the first stable line-up was achieved the next year. Since then we've had a couple of line-up changes, but the sailing has been smooth since our current bass player fortified our ranks in the early 2018. We see ourselves as a group of five different guys united by comradeship and zeal for playing music music and having a good time together - and that’s also the firm driving force behind this whole operation.


Can you tell us about your songwriting process? How many songs do you have unreleased?

Usually it starts with Paavo (and nowadays also Joona) coming up with a bunch of plausibly compatible and exciting ideas and a raw structure for them. Usually it's a rough demo which we then start to twist and turn with help from modern technology until the song starts to get an agreeable and coherent instrumental form. Somewhere during or after that process we start bouncing around lyrical and vocal ideas with Tuomas, embedding those into the song as we go and also giving the song its last detail-level refinements. Right now we have close to an albums’ worth of song sketches for our sophomore full-length and a couple of those are practically 100% finished.


What made you want to be a musician and pursue music in long term?

Surely the ratio between different reasons varies depending who you're asking, but it’s a mixture of channeling musical ideas, expressing things you’re unable to let out by other means and getting enjoyment out of working together as a team towards some greater goal. Playing in a band works as a nice way to meet like-minded people and getting into situations and places you wouldn’t end up in otherwise, too.

Your best gig : can you describe it?

Our gig in Budapest last year was certainly something we'll never forget! The extraordinary circumstances somehow brought that show to a whole new echelon of euphoria. The level of hospitality was also something we don't ever want to get used to and that city is so beautiful in numerous ways.

What can you say about the music industry today, and the heavy metal scene? Good and bad alike.

The greatest thing about being a contemporary musician is how accessible the musician's tools, software and education are. Music makers are able to have total control over their art and there are no excuses for not getting things done. The so-called ”decades in the sun" might be over for traditional music industry and rock music, but one can always count on underground and independent artists releasing interesting new music - no matter the genre. We feel you needn't be anxious if you're doing things for the right reasons.

What do you feel is your purpose as a band and as musicians?

This band is about sharing positive experiences and having a few cold (or warm) ones on the side! : )

Most memorable, funniest, weirdest, or most interesting thing that ever happened during a tour, or a gig?

We once had a retired dancer bless us with his own heavily intoxicated ballet act during our show in a shady pub.

Band member with a weird habit?

One of us has eaten half a kilo of cottage cheese every single day since he was around 5.

To each band member: if each of your band members were a fruit, what would they be and why?

We collectively came to the conclusion that this band is a durian – bristly and characterized by a funky odor.


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