Chaos and Order – An Interview with My Fair King

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We'd like to thank the band's lead singer and guitarist Veikka from "My Fair King" for sharing alot of interesting things about their group. Having been compared to "Muse" several times, My Fair King's first album Demo(n) is a stroke of genius for an upcoming band, with every track definitely worth listening. You can listen to it below, with special mention on the song "Scarlet Starlight". It'll be interesting to follow what's next for this band, and for sure it will be a wild ride -

About the Band

My Fair King is three piece alternative rock band from central Finland consisting of singer/guitarist Veikka Holma, bassist Arttu Ruuskanen and drummer Aatu Rajalahti. Altough their instrumentation is traditional, their use of distortion and effects create atmosphre radiating youth and it's rebellious nature. Dramatic harmonies are mixture of chaos and order with elements of spacerock. Their live performances have grabbed attention of the listeners due their onstage charisma and devoted passion towards performing their songs live.

The Interview

A short note from Veikka : "I wrote everything from my perspective, and guys would probably disagree on everything. But then again, we are a band, so we are a unit."

What are your background as musicians? How did you each start out playing music, and how did you learn to play like you do now? 

I'll tell this short story through my own eyes. Aatu and I had been friends since early childhood, practically we've known each other forever. Aatu banged every pan and such he could find as a child, and soon after that his parents got him his first set of drums. I had no interest in music at that age tough.

We played and had fun and sometimes did HUGE rock gigs for backyard squirrels... And then we started going to school, and little by little I got interested in music also.

Aatu had a band though and I was jealous. I had started playing guitar, but had to join Aatu's band as a singer. But after a while that ended and I picked up guitar and he was behind drums. We got a rehearsal space (that we still have today) through contacts with Aatu's mom. And thus begun the tale of My Fair King.

We got our friend as a bassist. We played and hung around for a while until Aatu and I wanted to get more serious. So at some point our old bass player wanted to quit and we were duo again. And then we went to local gig, and BOOOM... we saw ratty playing and thought, he is cool. We want him. So naturally in a bar, drunk as a kite, I asked if he wanted to jam with us. And he did. And we played together and everything fit.

So basically that is how My Fair King truly formed. Arttu and Aatu have basically trained themselves, whilst I had guitar lessons as a young teen.

In 2018 Aatu and I started to study music professionally in Jyväskylä. Arttu story is bit less visible, since I only got to know him around 2016, but he has told us that he started out with drums, but ended in bass since: "he was able to play it!" -Okey, this was long answer and might be bit off the question.. Let's hope I tone down a bit for the next answer...


How did you meet as a band?

I think I somewhat explained the first part of this question in previous answer.

As a band we are weird, completely nuts I'd say. We have odd relationship, we are great friends, but when we all 3 are in the room it's unbearable for other people to be around us. We are very similar and get along amazingly, but it is sometimes very strange. We believe that as the time goes on, we'll get metally damaged due to our bizarre band. But we love it.

How do you guys work together and make songs together as a band?

For song writing, it mostly comes from my ideas or rough demos. And then we start to piece the parts together adding everyone's own visions to every song. Sometimes we just jam and have a great idea, which leads to song. Melodies and lyrics come from me mostly, but I think every song is artwork off all three of us.

What kind of artists and music do you love listening to? Who would you consider as influences for your music? What other music genres or artists do you get ideas from, when wanting to innovate and make something new?

I think Muse goes without saying for this answer. Other band are Biffy Clyro, the Lapko, Smashing Pumpkins, 30 Seconds to mars and such.

Basically anything that has lots of charisma, character and drama. We get influence from all kinds of music, from dubstep to classical music. We don't necessarily want to go any way "new".

I think that comes naturally from our diverse musical influences. We usually jam all kinds of music and then wonder: how can we make this into MFK song.


How'd you come up with the name "My Fair King"?

We were sending demos to local Rock Academy entrance and had to have a band name. Demos needed to be in their mail at 00.00 and we had no band name 23.49... So I was flicking through TV channels and there was My Fair Lady going on. So I was like, F* it we need a name. What sound huge and royal. Well, King... So I used the 2 existing braincells that I have and fused My Fair Lady with the word king and it became My Fair King. And then I sent our demos with that name around 23.56. And yea, we got in...

Can you tell us more about songwriting? How do you guys go about writing songs? Where do you draw ideas for songs from?

We don't have any pattern for a songwriting. From to song to song it changes. Sometimes I come up with and idea for a riff or a chorus and in our rehearsal room we figure out the rest. Sometimes we just want to do some kind of noises and Boom, there is a song. Sometimes Arttu bangs something out from the bass and it sounds nice, so we make song from that.

Basically we use anything that sounds good and make song from that. Then we record it to someones phone and listen to it at home. If it sounds good, we make finish it and make it a real song. But more often than not the song is too boring, and we just take the best parts and how rest to the oblivion.

Can you describe your best live gig so far?

I don't know which gig is necesserily our best gig, but we have had few where we've been in ecstasy after getting of the stage. One was from last summer, when we played in O'Malleys pub in Vaasa. Audience was great and everything felt so great. We were on fire during both our sets and people were truly enjoying our energy and songs. That felt fantastic.

But this has happened more than once, since playing live is truly the one thing that brings out our passion for our own music.


How does it feel for you, playing live?

Being on stage is like being free from all earthly pain and existing on a higher level. It is weird to describe, but playing music live feels like absolution, everything just flows through and nothing but the music matters. And we all share this feeling, we have talked about how good it feels to be on stage and just enjoy.

What's the best crowd you've ever played to?

Some hometown gigs have been brilliant. But I still think Vaasa's gig had the best crowd. People truly came to enjoy the live music and were with us the whole time, loving it.


Whats the most memorable (dangerous, weird, inspiring, or funny) thing that ever happened to you guys as a band?

On the spot it's hard to say what is most memorable. We laugh a lot and enjoy this from bottom of our hearts. Some afterparties in out-of-town gigs have been very memorable, also one DIY-gig which was fused with movie premiere. There have been so much stuff, that we won't forget.

On negative side, there has not really been that much of a hassle. We have good positive attitude towards everything so we don't really mind anything. Tough one thing I remember (nothing bit, just something that happened): Some guy was watching our show in jyväsjylä, and he was blasted. But either way he enjoyed our performance so much that he wanted to buy all of us beer. And he did. But as he was drunk he did not really think thing through. So he brought the tray full of beer to the stage and fell over. So all the beer (maybe 5 or 6 pints) fell on the stage. And due to small stage our pedalboards were near each other. Luckily tough even tough all the beer fell on the floor (maybe 20-30cm space) and not on our boards. So we just laughed and continued on with the song. And that was it, dude was really sorry, but kept apparently enjoying as he was dancing not 10 minutes later.

What are your plans as a band?

To conquer the world. Start from the Europe and little by little get to everywhere and provide for ourselves with the band. That is the dream. Nothing big.


Name something most people don't know about your band?

We are extremely hard people to be around as the 4th wheel. We have so much inside joke's and it might sound as we were bullying each other if one does not know us. But it all comes from a place of love and friendship.

Name one interesting fact about each band member?

Aatu- He is the guy if you want to know worthing about technical stuff. He understands computers, and plugging in instruments and all that kind of stuff. And mixing too. He knows a lot. Also a nice guy, he is really lovable.

Arttu- Great eye for artsy stuff and style. He is a woodworker, and excels in it. He is the huggable guy, and even tough he might look tough, he is very sweet.

Veikka- An asshole, as his friends describe him. Loyal and funny, but can be annoying and has never-ending source of energy stored within him. Most of the time gets asked the "question are you drunk" when he is completely sober. Besides music, he has done all kinds of art. Painting, dancing and all that sort of things.

If your band members were each a fruit, what would they be and why?

Aatu- Banana: nobody can hate banana Arttu- Rambutan: looks peculiar, but delicious inside (I think, haven't tasted it) Veikka- Blueberry: I don't follow rules.


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