The Dawn of Dread Metal – An Interview with Riddle Me This

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Many thanks to dread-metal band Riddle Me This for answering the interview! Being a uniquely  theatrical band, Riddle Me This brings a new kind of experience to all people who are 'brave' enough to be in one of their gigs.

Following in the steps of Queen and Ghost, Riddle Me This gives importance to the theatrical aspect of music - that its not just about what fans hear, but even more, what fans see that makes a difference.


Can you tell us more about your band name "Riddle Me This"? Where it came from?

We were thinking about something which describes our music and since we cannot be classified directly under any major music genre, we thought that some enigmatic name would be the most suitable one for us. The English proverb “Riddle Me This” does exactly that.


Can you describe you live shows? Being a dread metal band that makes use of horror elements, how do you create a live concert experience? 

When playing live, in addition to listening to the music we want the audience to remember the experience by something visual. Therefore, we invest a lot in the visual experience as well. We induce our shows with theatrical elements, such as make-up, choreographies and props.

Whats the best thing about playing live? Can you describe your best live gig so far?

The best thing about playing live is the feeling, the energy which emanates between the stage and the audience. It feels good when there are a lot of people who dig the music you make. We’ve had an abundance of awesome gigs but one of the top five must be when we played St. Petersbourg a couple years back and there were almost a thousand people experiencing dread metal.


How did you guys meet and form the band? How long have you been working together?  Can you name one interesting thing about each band member?  

We were all childhood friends who liked the same things and we’ve been working together since 2013. Although we all share very different characteristics, we get along perfectly.

Who or what got you into music and being a musician? Have you always been a metal fan?

We’ve all been listening to metal since our pre-teens. Since then, our musical horizons have broadened exponentially and nowadays metal is just a genre among others which we listen to.

What kind of artists and music do you love listening to? Who would you consider as influences for your music? What other music genres or artists do you get ideas from, when wanting to innovate and make something new?

As mentioned above, all of us listen to very different genres from rap to black metal. We think that to be able to develop something one needs to look outside the box. What we love doing the most is dread metal but as a genre it is highly flexible and taking influences from other genres does nothing but benefit the music we perform.


Can you tell us more about songwriting? How do you guys go about writing songs? What do you draw inspiration from?

We write our songs together. Someone comes up with a melody or a riff which we then work together. Our singer, Kannibal, usually writes all the lyrics for the songs but that too can differ.

What are your plans as a band?

Our aims are high. We want to develop more as individuals and as a band, and we want more people to hear our music. We put a lot of effort crafting our music and shows into something meaningful and enjoyable. We think that music, among other cultural pleasures, is an entertainment business, and we as musicians want to entertain. We think that we have much to give but are yet to make our breakthrough, which we hope to change as we plan to release our debut album in the near future.


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