Break Out – An Interview with Superdiesel

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Many thanks to Superdiesel for sharing with us some of their stories as a band, their commitments, how their songs made it in radio and in the hockey team, and more -

Superdiesel is a Helsinki based rock ‘n roll band with a lot of experience under the hood. The band was formed in 2016 with a vision to bring energetic, quality rock to the masses.


We've read about your band bio in Facebook, and what a ride its been since 2016 when you guys got together as a band! How did you guys meet and form as a band?

Toni and Henrik used to play together when they were young and decided to form a new band. Our ex-bassist joined the band through an ad on a musicians forum and they jammed together for a while. Daniel, the singer was found by an ad as well and after that we found another guitar player Jere who was a friend of Toni. The ex-bassist was replaced by Taneli and here we are!

How easy is it to work with your band members? 

If it's too easy then it's not worth it... In all creative processes there has to be friction. We have that, but we also have fun.

What got you into music, and what keeps you going as musicians?

I think it's a long going love affair for all of us that started in young ages and the love of making music and performing keeps us going.


Your song "High On Your Love" - its a very catchy song and easy to follow lyric-wise! Sort of heavy rock with a little feel of pop? I understand it got played in National Radio in Finland. For to possibly give advice to other bands, can you share with us how it happened, how the radio discovered your songs?

The sad but true story is that it's all about connections. I knew a girl that knew a guy... It's freaking hard to get your songs played on radio as all are painfully aware of. But for us it's one way to get our music out beyond the normal "rock-crowd".

I think your song Break Out is a little more on the heavy side, can you tell us what the song is about? Can you share the story how it was placed in the playlist of hockey teams?

The song is basically about breaking out from the everyday boredom and problems and at least for one night just have fun and forget about everything. Our guitarist Jere is a marketing wizard, he contacted some ice-hall DJs when we realized that this really could work in that atmosphere. And it does and are still played at Kärpät Oulu and Jukurit Mikkeli games.


What is your goal when writing songs? Are there any standards and ideals you follow in particular?

I think our main goals are to do songs that we like. To write a song that everyone in the world can get something out of it. We don't want to put ourself in a small box of genre or expectations. If it rocks it rocks. It's as simple as that =)

Can you name a songwriter in history you respect the most, and why?

For Daniel we would actually like to mention Dolly Parton. She is a master of telling short stories with her songs and her skills in making melodies is amazing. For other guys there are many bands that get the job done, such as Foo Fighters, Guns Roses, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What kinds of music or artists do you listen to?

We all listen to all kind of music, artists is to many to mention.

What's your favorite song among all your songs, and why?

All of them! Maybe some faster tunes like Explosion and Say No More, because they are energetic and fun to play live. Also our only ballad Waterfalls is nice because it is so emotional.


How would you describe the music scene in Finland right now?

There is a lot of rock bands and of course heavy metal is very popular here as always. They have concerts here at Christmas time where they make heavy versions out of the traditional Christmas songs. There are a lot of well produces pop music. Unfortunately, they are closing many live music venues so that is not a good thing.

What's the best thing about performing live?

Energy and the chance to give something to the audience. We want to touch everyone's heart who attends to our gigs so we always give 110% in hope of them coming to see us again.

Most interesting, weird, funny, or memorable thing that ever happened in a gig?

The gigs are many times full of Spinal Tap-kind of things, for example guitar strap literally breaking in two pieces in the beginning of an important show while you are still trying to look cool.

If each one of you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

Toni: kiwifruit, Daniel: strawberry, Henrik: blueberry, Taneli: pineapple, Jere: orange. --> each one of us is an important part to make a fruit salad called Superdiesel. 🙂


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