Stories On the Road – An Interview with TakaLaiton

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TakaLaiton was founded in September 2014 in Lappeenranta, South Carelia, Finland. Melodic Thrash Metal: pure aggression and speed with catchy melodies. The band is known from their energetic and audience pumping shows. Frequently touring Finland and several other countries in Europe every year, the band shares some interesting stories on the road... 


How did you guys meet and form the band?

We met on 2014 in Konnunsuo, Finland which had a rehearsal place for many bands in different rooms. Janne (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Pasi (Lead Guitar) we're rehearsing with their previous band and they had a cover gig coming up but the singer who we're supposed to sing the gig, never show'd up for rehearsals.

Juho (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) was rehearsing with he's band at that time in the other room, both of the bands gathered together to one room to have beer's and talk about metal and they started to talk about Janne's and Pasi's struggle with the gig and after that they played couple songs together and came to realize that this could work with Juho on the vocals.

After the rehearsal's Janne went to a local bar to drink we're Juho worked at the time to ask if he was interested of singing in the upcoming concert, Juho thought hell yes. After that concert, the first line-up of TakaLaiton was born.


What's the best thing about thrash metal? What got you into this music?

Best thing about Thrash Metal is the speed and intensity, on the stage and also on the crowd. These are the things that got us all into Thrash Metal since we all we're just teenager's.

Your schedule seems always packed! Can you describe your best live gig so far?

It's kinda hard to pick the "best" one cause every gig has it's goods, but if we would have to pick some memoriable gig, that would be the headline concert in Symbolic Open Air in Czech Republic we're we played after the american band Morta Skuld, that was a huge night for us.


Who or what got you interested in being a musician? What kind of artists and music do you love listening to? Who would you consider as influences for your music? What other music genres or artists do you get ideas from, when wanting to innovate and make something new?

Everyone in the band kinda has the different influences for it. Janne was very interested in metal music as a youngster and he was curious about how it's made, bands like Kreator and Mokoma are his main influences.

Pasi was obsessed with the melodies of bands like Iron Maiden.

Joona was curious about every single part of music so he has mastered many instruments like drums, guitar, bass, etc.

Juho was obsessed with 80's Hair Metal bands but couldn't decide if he wanted to be a singer or a guitar player, so he decided to do both.

Can you tell us more about songwriting? How do you guys go about writing songs?

Usually somebody comes with an entire song, after that we rehearse it on our rehearsal place we're it comes together with the ideas of others. Lyrics are written mostly by Janne and Juho.

Whats the most unforgettable thing you've ever done as a band?

One of the most unforgettable things we have expirenced as a band is from the last tour. We we're playing in Barock Fest in Romania, halfway through the show in the middle of Pasi's solo during Sydäntalvi the power shut down from the whole festival area.

The shutdown lasted for about 2 minutes, we couldn't see shit and only thing we could hear was the audience just going nuts, when the power came back we continued our show normally to the end. After the gig came the most memorable part of the night.

When we got off the backstage, there was an actual line of people coming to us to take pictures and get autographs and thank us from the "amazing, powerful show". Probably the best night ever.


On touring: When was your latest tour? What usually happens during a tour?

Our last tour was on the summer of 2019. What happens on tour are mostly chaos, superior show's and things that are considered to be illegal. And also great partys with the fans.

What's next for you guys as a band?

Winning the Finnish part of the Global Battle Of The Bands and after that the worldwide part. After that hard work with the new album which will not be released as a author's edition.

Just for fun: If your band members were each a fruit, what would they be and why?

Pasi would definetely be a lemon, cause he's always stressed and grumpy as fuck but still great going dude. Joona would be a banana, he's tall and everybody likes him. Janne would be lime, sometimes very sour dude but goes great with beer. Juho would be the durio-fruit, on the first trying it'll fuck you'r head up funnily but on the long term use it will kill you.


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