An Interview with Tulipää

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Many thanks to Tulipää for sharing their lives as a band and as musicians:


Tulipää on Kurikkalainen poprock-yhtye. Bändi perustettiin vuonna 2014, jolloin se toimi The Road 97 nimellä. Vuoden 2019 alussa bändi muutti nimensä nykyiseen muotoon ja julkaisi samalla heidän ensimmäisen suomenkielisen kappaleensa "Virhe koodissa", jonka on tuottanut Disco Ensemble kitaristi Jussi Ylikoski. Bändin seuraava biisi "Arven jättävää" julkaistiin noin kuukautta myöhemmin.
Tulipäässä soittavat Konsta Silander (laulu), Riku Viitala (kitara), Sampsa Silander (basso) sekä Silja Silander (rummut). Konsta ja Riku ovat tehneet yhdessä musiikkia aivan pienestä pitäen ja ovatkin olleet useassa samassa bändissä. Riku soitti tuolloinkin kitaraa ja Konsta oli rummuissa. Tulipäätä voisikin pitää bändinä, jonka juuret alkoivat jo yli kymmenen vuotta sitten. Vuotta 2014 pidetään kuitenkin bändin todellisena syntyvuotena. Konsta ja Riku päättivät tuolloin perustaa uudelleen bändin ja julkaisivat kahdestaan bändin ensimmäisen biisin. Muutaman vuoden kuluttua bändin basistiksi liittyi Konstan veli Sampsa.
Viimeisin lisäys bändiin tapahtui, kun bändin uudeksi rumpaliksi tuli Konstan ja Sampsan sisko Silja. Sampsa ja Silja ovat kaksosia ja Konstaa ja Rikua viisi vuotta nuorempia. Bändin jäsenten suurimpia vaikuttajia ovat muun muassa Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, sekä Biffy Clyro, vaikka tätä ei välttämättä huomaakaan Tulipään musiikista.


Can you tell us more about your band name "Tulipaa"? Which means Firehead in Finnish?

Silja’s Sampsa’s and Konsta’s father used to have a band called ”Tulipäähippiäinen”. So we took the part ”Tulipää”.

I understand your band was started at 2014 but you guys as close friends, and as brothers and sisters, have already been playing together as a band? Can you tell us how you guys first started playing music at a young age, before Tulipaa? What made you want to be a musician?

Konsta and Riku started playing together at 12 years old and created their first band. Silja and Sampsa started playing in their first band at the age of 14.

Silja started playing piano in the age of 8 and drums in the age of 13. Konsta and Riku have played together for a really long time. Konsta has played drums his whole life and Riku has a long history with guitar too. Sampsa got into bass when he was 13. Music has always been the thing and we want to be good in it.

Whats the best thing about having your brothers and sisters as band mates?

You can say things how they are without censoring and offending other.

Can you name one interesting thing about each band member?

Silja and Sampsa are twins, Konsta used to play drums in Tulipää and Riku drives a truck.


Aside from Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, and Biffy Clyro, what kind of artists and music do you love listening to? Who would you consider as influences for your music? What other music genres or artists do you get ideas from, when wanting to innovate and make something new?

Well those bands that you said are one of our inspirations, but we all ofc have our personal favourites. Sampsa likes for example Muse, Silja has been lately into finnish poprock and pop music, Konsta likes Linkin Park and Riku Metallica. We all get inspirations from or favourite artists but we want to create a certain sound, our sound.

Can you tell us more about songwriting? How do you guys go about writing songs? What do you draw inspiration from?

We all make first demos and than usually Konsta produces them. Silja has made lyrics so far most to the songs, Konsta has made some of the lyrics too. But we all make songs and I think it is great that we all create our sound together. But what comes to the lyrics, for example Silja listens other finnish artists and get inspiration from them to the lyrics. She always tries to write about her own thoughts and what she sees.


Can you describe your best gig so far?

Last summer in Vaasa Festival. Silja dropped a hard drive 10 minutes before the gig and it didn’t work. We thought that we would have to cancel it, but suddenly it started to work like 5 minutes before we had to play. The feeling was so relieved, people really enjoyed our music and it was an amazing weather. Never forget it.

Whats the best thing about playing live? Do you ever get nervous?

Best thing about playing live is the feeling. You get that flow motion and you’re like in your own world. Sometimes it can be nervous and especially if things don’t go how we planned, but we always get through that.

Whats the most memorable (dangerous, weird, inspiring, or funny) thing that ever happened to you guys as a band?

We have had many kind of that situations but one time we were driving to a gig and we had a trailer with us. We had forgotten to lock it and it went off. Suddenly our instruments and stuffs were in snow and one drum stand went broken but we fixed it with a bottle opener.

What are your plans as a band?

Make new music as soon as possible and have gigs in this spring and summer. Keep pushing forward and to have new listeners and build hopefully a career.

Just for fun: If your band members were each a fruit, what would they be and why?

Haha this was a good question. Sampsa: banana, Silja: peach Riku: lime, Konsta: pineapple


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