“Remember, Remember” by Nolse from United States

Part angel, part man, part actor, part alien character looks with mourning and confusion at the sea (earth). He is confronted with flashes of ocean and dazzled by his own wand of light as he is rocked like a ship with a violent force beyond language. In this world of voices apart from the world the darkness comes and goes from his soul and gaze with the rise and fall of voices until there is a calm by which the actor sings a song of longing and loss, a plea for company in a fallen planet.

“Thought” by Phresh $yndicate from USA

Hailing from the west side of Detroit, Phresh $yndicate’s incomparable style leaves them speeding in their own lane. These 2 best friends have continuously aimed to create original music since 2008. Star Richie is the group’s producer and singer, Buffy B. is the emcee. Together they bring adaptable sensations with a unique edge and profound sound.

“Happy Sad” by Mac Tire from Serbia

The latest Mac Tire video for the track “Happy Sad” revokes the immortal spirit of punk in the streets of London from the late ’70s and early ’80s with exciting archive footages, as well as combines the songs tragic heartbreak story with the actual footage from the Brompton Cemetery and some of the scariest scenes from the bands favorite horror films.