So Far

This video discusses going through getting over someone while incorporating elements of pop, country,and funk

Renegade Sun

When the world gets smaller and narrower, the eye can expand to find other ways of escape. The video of” Renegade Sun (Brexit) for Stolen Apple is a sensory exploration between reality and memory, made with optical instruments, scientific detection devices, analogical fragments torn from time and radically transformed object trouvé. Around our houses there is a hidden abyss.


This is a 43 second music of the Track Slaydiwe, a Hip Hop track by Nkazy. It tries to embrace the true nature of humanity and encourage those who have given up to get up on their feet. Band Members in the video: Micheal

If You Believe

Music video for ‘If You Believe’ from HC3. In the video: Adam Majerník, Jan Glos, Miroslav Mrocek, Petr Sadlon


A girl who loved a man was betrayed. She came to her friend for help. They talk, drank and then went to a party. They danced and drank again and maybe took some drugs. So then the man also came to a party and she imagined a revenge. Music video by Bottled Fish. Director Sin Yu Sofia. Genre: Indie Rock. In the video: Asya, Nikita, Alex

“Breaking Up” by Eric & The Horsemen from Norway

This video is a collection of videos and images taken by the band members, fans and press, on Eric & The Horsemen’s journey to making their first EP. Breaking Up is the first track on Eric & The Horsemen’s EP “Falling For Heartbreak”. The album is available everywhere you can find digital music. This is an upbeat song, with a punk vibe. Perfect is you ever need a way to handle your fury, or when going for a run.