“Döden Dö” by Jordskred from Sweden

Music video for our song “Döden Dö” from our latest album “Det Stora Hela”. You can find our latest album on vinyl and CD! Shot and edited by our good friend Christian Bergström on Tower Media!

“Time” by Amaria from Ukraine

Ukrainian pop-rock artist “Amaria” wrote her song “Time” in 2019 and the main lyrical theme is “Humanity and the rat-race with time. In the video, which is set in the beautiful scenery of Snowdonia in Wales, UK, we see her with the hour glass of which the running sand symbolises the “Time Credit” we as humanity are on.

“Does the Sun Smile to You?” by Airi’s from Finland

Airi’s shows their place in the sun with a burning guitar in their first music video. In the new music video for their single ”Does the Sun Smile to You?” Finnish band Airi’s displays how the band was put together and goes through the story in one day. At the end of the video an acoustic guitar sets on fire which acts as a metaphor for letting go of the dark thoughts in the day and welcoming the warm light of the sun into one’s life.

“Remember, Remember” by Nolse from United States

Part angel, part man, part actor, part alien character looks with mourning and confusion at the sea (earth). He is confronted with flashes of ocean and dazzled by his own wand of light as he is rocked like a ship with a violent force beyond language. In this world of voices apart from the world the darkness comes and goes from his soul and gaze with the rise and fall of voices until there is a calm by which the actor sings a song of longing and loss, a plea for company in a fallen planet.

“Apple Pie” by Sadé Awele from Canada

Sadé Awele premieres a brand new music video for her single “Apple Pie.” The visual pairs perfectly with the R&B track, as it features Sadé enjoying her evening with a love interest and friends at an amusement park. The director infuses the song with endearing imagery that evokes feelings of love and warmth, just in time for the holidays!