“Happy Sad” by Mac Tire from Serbia

The latest Mac Tire video for the track “Happy Sad” revokes the immortal spirit of punk in the streets of London from the late ’70s and early ’80s with exciting archive footages, as well as combines the songs tragic heartbreak story with the actual footage from the Brompton Cemetery and some of the scariest scenes from the bands favorite horror films.

“Open Water” by Casey Mattson from USA

Oliver Tree’s keyboardist/guitartist/prodcuer Casey Mattson steps out front with his second music video for the self-produced “Open Water”. The song features a hypnotic, driving guitar riff, soaring vocal layers and contemporary electronic production. The video is a hilarious and mystical journey through Proto, Portugal, Belgium and all the way home to Los Angles California.
Music video debuting January 8th 🙂

“Miracle Man” by Laya Band from The Philippines

The song is titled miracle man by laya band composed by kieran our vocalist and it’s all about self healing as he told us and the genre is much more of a world music or free flowing song where we don’t follow typical set up on our songs like verse, pre chorus, chorus, bridge. It depends on the crowd and the mood of each and one of us.