“Fighter’s Anthem” by The Rockin’ Dead from Greece

It’s showtime! This is sports entertainment! The song is inspired by the world of Professional Wrestling and Fighting sports, paying shrine to all the fighters that put their lives at risk to entertain the crowds… The video features wrestlers from the Greek Wrestling Promotion ZMAK.

“She Kicks & Rocks” by The Rockin’ Dead from Greece

The song exposes the sick relation between Andronikos Dourantis and Lenore Corpse… Feelings of passion and hatred collide in an ongoing battle for domination and control – an absolutely self-destructive yet addictive love that pushes the world on the brink of destruction…

“Death Sentence” by Dom Pro from Spain

Based on the South Korean cult movie “oldboy” in which the protagonist seeks to be free of his confinement, and realizes that he has simply exchanged a small cell for a larger one, making good the idea that the world, as Foucault stated , is nothing more than a gigantic jail.