Classical Instrumental

Classical music continues to influence the best composers and songwriters today - a fine proof that the best of music stands the test of time. As observed by BBC, songs like "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procul Harum, or "Plugin Baby" by Muse, picked up their most memorable hooks from the Maestro Bach's compositions.

Can you do a classical instrumental? Send a video here. We are looking for instrumentals that blend all instruments involved, or highlight each instrument in the song. Even come up with a new technique, arrangement, or a fusion of music genres. Feel free do it anywhere, either in concert or in the comforts of your studio.They don't necessarily have to be orchestral instruments. EDM, Rock, and other Neo-Classical renditions of Classical Music are awesome as well.


Share the video, write a message and tag a friend you want to challenge to do this.


Create an classical group instrumental, using commonly used instruments or sounds in the orchestra. Win The Race and get to play live in the upcoming Global Battle of the Bands World Final . . .

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