Fruitbeat Music releases your songs and gives you an audience in the music industry

Release unlimited songs and videos with a global leader in distribution.
Music publishing with one of the foremost publishers.
Entrance to a global music competition for original songs.



Fruitbeat Music offers a comprehensive plan to release and promote your music

Release your songs with a global leader in music distribution.
Music publishing with one of the foremost publishers.
Entrance to a global music competition for original songs. 


is open to all artists

There is no pre-qualification for artists to join Fruitbeat. We encourage everyone to start where they are, grow and improve. As they do, more opportunities can open for them here - more promotion, more offers, and others. 


Music Distribution

Release unlimited songs and videos in over 70+ distributors worldwide

Release songs and videos in over 70+ top music and video distributors or channels such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Tiktok, and more.

Release unlimited songs and videos.

Keep all your past streams when transferring from one distributor to Fruitbeat.

No lock-in period. Opt out anytime.

Continue receiving income even if you can't renew your membership

The best comprehensive analytics, reports, and marketing tools for every release

Landing pages for pre-releases, pre-saves, follow-playlists, and others.

Smart ad-campaigns depending on your ad budget

Detailed demographic your listeners: who they are, where and how they listen.

Detailed breakdowns of release performance.

Full statement history and review each period in detail with multiple views and filters.

Workstation Images

As a pioneering music distribution company and top-ranked video network, The Orchard has local offices in more than 40 countries / global markets. As the industry’s leading independent distributor and label services company since 1997, The Orchard gives you access to tools and services used by Grammy-winning artists and labels. The company is also a preferred partner of Spotify and Apple, and is affiliated with major companies such as Sony Music, Netflix, HBO, Comcast, and more.

Comprised of digital natives specialized in marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, performance rights services and more, The Orchard empowers artists and labels to connect with fans across the globe.

Music Publishing

Collect your royalties with one of the foremost Music Publishers worldwide

Whenever you perform your songs in venues, or get played online in Youtube or streaming platforms, in addition to your streaming income, you are already earning royalties. But you need to be registered to a good Collecting Society in order to collect these.

With Fruitbeat, you will get your royalties from your songs posted online, in radio, film and TV, and in live performances.


The foremost Music Publishing company in Norway, with over 100 years of service to top Norwegian Composers, schools, artist and labels. Norsk Musikforlag is open to all artists around the world.

Artist Promotion

Participation in GBOB - The Global Battle of the Bands

The Global Battle of the Bands is a worldwide music competition for bands playing their own songs, live. Live competitions are held in each country, and the winners from each will be represent their country at the GBOB World Finals abroad.

All bands who played live in GBOB will have access to all that Fruitbeat has to offer.

Participation in The Race Music Video Challenge

The Race - Music Video Challenge is the Online Music Video Competition of GBOB. Music Videos will be listened to by judges from the music industry. Winners in each country will likewise represent their country at the GBOB World Final.

Everyone who becomes a member of Fruitbeat Music automatically joins The Race for that year.



By GBOB & Global Music Garden

Artist Management

Its a privilege to listen to the songs sent to us by bands from around the world, and when we find one in Fruitbeat that is particularly outstanding, we reach out to the artist and promote their songs to our industry contacts and more.

Artist Management Privileges are for selected artists in Fruitbeat. Every artist in Fruitbeat has a chance to get picked for more promotion, as their songwriting skills develop over time.    


Featured Artist

We're so pleased to present Sonoride, Fruitbeat Music's very first artist. Sonoride is a Swedish band based in Stockholm. 

Prior to signing with Fruitbeat, Sonoride has already been trending in Soundcloud with their November 2018 album release, Life 101, with over 198,000 streams.

Together with Fruitbeat, Sonoride was able to reach music influencers : artists, radio DJs, music journalists, and more.  

Want to hear my favorite song in YEARS?? It’s from a Swedish Band called #Sonoride Kind of a cross between The Beatles,...

Posted by Mike Portnoy on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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