Please read the following first before proceeding with the Contracts.

Please send your best songs. Fruitbeat Publishing and Distribution offers unlimited song submissions; however, opportunities to get noticed by Fruitbeat and its Partners do not rely on how many songs you submit,  but in the quality of the songs you send. If you are not convinced of a certain song's quality, it is better to wait on yourself and send another song later - one which you are more confident of.

Please complete your Artist Profile first before signing up to Fruitbeat Publishing and/or Distribution

Please note that you have the choice to sign with (1) Fruitbeat Records only, or (2) Fruitbeat Publishing only, or (3) both Fruitbeat Publishing and Records. 

If you or your songs are already signed to another Distribution Service, Record Label, or Publishing House, but you wish to transfer your songs to Fruitbeat Records and/or Publishing, please check your terms of agreement first with your current distributor, label, or publisher, before switching (or signing on new songs) to Fruitbeat.

For Fruitbeat Publishing only - Before signing to Fruitbeat Publishing, you are required to register your name and song/s to a Collecting Society. A collecting society is an organization that collects royalties for songwriters around the world. There is usually a Collecting Society in your country you can register to. If you are not yet registered to a Collecting Society, we would recommend TONO in Norway. Whatever country you are from, or whatever nationality you have, you can apply to be a member of TONO. 

If you are a Foreign Citizen applying in TONO, please download a pdf application form, fill it in, and send to info@globalmusicgarden.com with the name of your band and your mobile phone number. 

Join TONO in Norway - For Norwegian Citizens Join TONO in Norway - For Foreign Citizens Find your country's Collecting Society

The Contracts

There are two separate contracts for (1) Fruitbeat Publishing and (2) Fruitbeat Records. Please go to the links below to read, download, sign, and send each contract -

Fruitbeat Publishing Contract Fruitbeat Records Contract