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(1) Please sign one contract per songwriter or group of songwriters. After initial song submissions, please also sign another contract for every new set of song submissions within the term of agreement. For example, if John wrote song 1, song 2, song 3, these songs should be together in one contract under the name of John. If John and Billy together wrote song 4, song 5, song 6, these songs should be together in another contract under the names of both John and Billy. In case you would like to send a new song or set of songs within the year, you will have to send another contract for those song.

(2) Fruitbeat Publishing requires that this contract be printed out, signed by Songwriters involved, scanned and sent back to us together with scan/s of their ID, Passport, or other proof of identity.

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  • Pay-out Details
    Please provide the necessary details of the bank account where you would like us to send your royalty earned.
  • Please ask your bank what their swift code is.

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