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Before signing to Fruitbeat Publishing, you are required to register your name and song/s to a Collecting Society. A collecting society is an organization that collects royalties for songwriters around the world. There is usually a Collecting Society in your country you can register to. If you are not yet registered to a Collecting Society, we would recommend TONO in Norway. Whatever country you are from, or whatever nationality you have, you can apply to be a member of TONO.

If you are a Foreign Citizen applying in TONO, please download a pdf application form, fill it in, and send to with the name of your band and your mobile phone number. 

Join TONO - For Norwegian Citizens

Join TONO - For Foreign Nationals

Find A Collecting Society In Your Country

Please sign one contract per songwriter or group of songwriters. After initial song submissions, please also sign another contract for every new set of song submissions within the term of agreement. For example, if John wrote song 1, song 2, song 3, these songs should be together in one contract under the name of John. If John and Billy together wrote song 4, song 5, song 6, these songs should be together in another contract under the names of both John and Billy. In case you would like to send a new song or set of songs within the year, you will have to send another contract for those song.

Fruitbeat Publishing requires that this contract be printed out, signed by Songwriters involved, scanned and sent back to us together with scan/s of their ID, Passport, or other proof of identity.

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