We started in 2009 as crowd of guys who just achieved first skills of playing the guitars.Than during the years we were playing for fun.Everything changed in the end of 2015 when only three of us left and we made debut concert on a small local festival.We played our songs without any covers.Next year we had a lot of gigs and challenges in other local fests.Than our drummer left us.And we stayed together with my brother Alex.We didn’t leave music.We already passed turning point and there were a lot of things left unplayed.Since there we started recording new songs alone.We met a lot of people who helped us and we learned much more than we learned since 2009 till 2016.Now we have new drummer.There still three of us.We got debut EP,live video from first gig with a new band member.And we are full of job to do.We made Punto de Partida.Now we are on el camino grande.