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Beans & Bullets



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Have been contacted via our band e-mail with the GBOB promotion.

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All Music Genres, Ballad, Blues, Funk, Rock

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Since 2012 Trnava (Slovakia) based brand BEANS & BULLETS means energic fusion of blues, swamp southern rock, funk and hardrock – The badass blues.
The vast majority of the B&B repertoire are the original compositions with characteristic dynamic sound of old and modern blues. Underground dressed in modern robes, unusual arrangements and explosive live blues influenced by funk, southern rock and hard rock music. In addition to the original songs, the playlist contains a number of significant songs, always precisely adapted to fit the sound.

There's no point in talking about it. Come and taste with your own ears!

Year Formed

February 1, 2012

Artists and Music Groups I like

The Clutch, Primus, Triggerfinger, The PAZ BAND, and many others, mostly blues and rock greats.

Artists and Music Groups I've worked with

Have been lucky enough to play on stage with a lot of nice Slovak/Czech/Polish bands, often including jam sessions.

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Jakub Danis – main vocal & harmonica
Michal Mandak – guitar & vocal
Milan Klenovsky – bass & vocal
Peter Mikusek – drums & vocal

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Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Others

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Drive it Hard, Honk the Funk, The Chains, Livin` Wreck, PCB, Little Baby, B&B, Like a King, Bad Dreams and others.

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Milan Klenovsky


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Trnava, Slovakia





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