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Black Holes


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Black Holes are two piece band – Kate (bass, vocals) and Martin (drums, vocals) and they have a unique two-piece setup with captivating and uncompromising, full, sound (similar to British Royal Blood). At the same time, they have melodic catchy foundation on which they build their songs.
Black Holes are based in Prague, have released three singles so far, all of them are available on Spotify. The band has also released a music video Black Hole, which gathered 18k views on YouTube and has been played on Ocko, the biggest Czech music television station. Their singles also played on Czech radios, where the band was also interviewed.

The band has played with Saint Agnes, Mother's Cake, Jane Weaver, John Wolfhooker or Baretta Love. They are rather active on the Czech club scene and have even player some outdoor festivals, like United Islands, the biggest festival of independent music in Prague.

Year Formed

September 27, 2017

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Muse, The Subways, Royal Blood

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Saint Agnes, Mother's Cake, Jane Weaver, John Wolfhooker, Baretta Love.

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Kate & Martin

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Vocals, Bass, Drums

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Martin Benes


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+420 721 574 304





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