Days Of August, an indie folk band from Rogaland, Norway. Consisting of 3 members spread across Rogaland in Stavanger, Jørpeland and Sokndal. They offer an unique sound of dreamy harmonic soundscapes and haunting lyrics. Inspired by the likings of Simon and Garfunkel, Nick Drake, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens etc. The song «After Twelve» started it all. Frank had written some songs and wanted to record them. He knew Espen Alsvik played both guitar and produced music, therefore he asked Espen for help with the recording, and they soon started with the title song of their first EP. This was when Espen knew Frank’s music where something special, and together they started the «band». They realized they needed a drummer to complete the basics, so Espen contacted Mathias Helvig which he knew from high school - where they studied music together. The three of them bonded fast and became good friends. Later they got Hans Jakob Bjørheim as a bass player and he has become more or less a member of the band. After they released «After Twelve EP» they got to play a lot of local concerts, but in the spring of 2019 the concert offers have expanded to various places in Norway. «Days» loved to create music together and therefore started on their debut album «Staring Empty At The Moon» only few months after the EP. This time they decided to rent a bigger and better studio, and went to Egersound Studio. Here they have been spending a lot of hours working at the Album and many new ideas have come to life. “Staring Empty At The Moon” is an Album strongly inspired by norwegian nature. It contains a lot of stories that are full of feelings and nostalgia. Days created this album with the idea of making the songs and lyric match and express deep feelings that affects the listeners and maybe brings up memories from their own lives. We really want our music to bring our fans into a deep daydream where they can think about both good and bad memories and express feelings through our songs. - Espen



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