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Eric & The Horsemen



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Classic Rock or Acoustic, Indie, Pop Rock, Rock

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Eric & the Horsemen was created when vocalist and songwriter Eric Solheim sat down with drummer Nico Raths in a cafe in Aalesund/Norway around October 2018. They started forming a band, searching through creeks and cracks for leftovers that seemed stupid enough to join these two inexperienced guys on their mission. First, they got along Jonas Gamlem at the bass, but when Simon Brune joined the band in January he gladly switched back to his beloved guitar. Luckily Mathias Sørli joined the band, who adds sweet guitar to their music.

Eric Solheim had his scrapbooks filled with songs and he presented three of them to drummer Nico Raths. Eric says that it could almost have been any of his songs but by coincidence, they went into a local and free from charge studio in March 2019 with those three songs. Among those was Baby Blue, one of Eric's own favourites. An honest, sad story with a catchy beat. Most of Eric's songs depend on the lyrics, combined with the power of The Horsemen.

The name "The Horsemen" comes from the biblical reference "The four horsemen of the apocalypse". Four mythical horseriders that shall take part in the last judgement.

Year Formed

November 1, 2018

Artists and Music Groups I like

The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, John Mayer, Nirvana

Band or Group Members

Eric Kjerstad Solheim,
Mathias Hast Sørli,
Nico Raths,
Simon Brune,
Jonas Gamlem

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Instruments in the band

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards

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What songs have you written?

All the songs we have and currently will release are self-written and composed.
Our favourite at this moment is our single "Baby Blue".

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Eric Kjerstad Solheim


Phone Number

+47 95016331




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Current balance300.00

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Current balance10.20
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