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Klons is a pop-rock band with their own lyrics and music, which was formed in 2013 in Bratislava. The line-up consists of four members – guitarist Juraj, drummer Teodor, bassist Michal and singer Petra. Klons have been playing in this line-up since 2019, because after almost 6 years the original guitarist Tomáš left them.
The whole band was founded by singer Petra, which later joined the other members of the band. The band plays mainly their own creations, but does not prevent cover versions of well-known songs.
At the beginning of 2015, the first three studio songs “Letím” (I am flying), “Ku štastiu" (To Happiness) and “Je ne reviens pa” (I will not go back) were gradually introduced. A year later, the band won the "Musical Heart" award in the well-known national music competition "Slovak Music League". Since its inception, the Klons have played concerts in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where they performed on stage alongside several well-known bands. It is worth mentioning the concert of the band No Name together with Chinaski in Pezinok, where the Klons just opened the concert as the only forerunner.
In 2018 Klons won again the "Musical Heart" award in the same music competition "Slovak Music League" and one year later band was in the Final of other national music competition "Rock Exam".

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Peter Bažík

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Juraj Varačka
Teodor Pongó
Michal Baršovský
Petra Ivánková

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Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

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K Tebe
Je ne rieviens pas
… a lot others

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Petra Ivánková


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