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Tribute To Freedom



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Hard Core, Metal, Punk

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The band was formed at the end of 2016. After experience in previous bands, we decided to join a group of old friends and put together a band based primarily on friends and common attitudes. Since then we have played several concerts in different cities of Slovakia. We played concerts with bands like Obey the Brave, Deez Nuts, Austrian band Stillborn or with Slovak Catastrophes. In February 2019 we successfully completed a tour with well known slovak band Bijouterrier. In November 2019, we released our debut album Black Is Better Than Gold. Genre belongs to melodic hardcore with elements of metalcore, with English lyrics.

Year Formed

October 1, 2016

Artists and Music Groups I like

Parkway Drive, Stick To Your Guns, Deez Nuts, Obey The Brave, Rise of the Northstar, Lionheart, Amity Affliction, and many many more.

Artists and Music Groups I've worked with

We played with Deez nuts, Obey The Brave, Catastrofy, and many many more.

Band or Group Members

Matej Majka Oravec – Lead Vocal
Peter Pit Kovac – Bass, Vocal
Andrej Andy Petrovic – Guitar
Matej Kravarik – drums

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Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Others

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What songs have you written?

Last Day Of My Life – Tribute To Freedom
Fly Up To The Sky – Tribute To Freedom
One Last Breath – Tribute To Freedom
Open Your Eyes – Tribute To Freedom
Haters Gonna Hate – Tribute To Freedom
Sound Of Silence – Tribute To Freedom
Don't be selfish – Tribute To Freedom

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Matej Oravec, Peter Pit Kovac


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