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Vandelay is a rockband with roots in the far north of Sweden.
The band, initially formed as a quartet, saw the first light of day in the early 2018.
The line up consisted of two twinbrothers, a friend and a drummer supreme.

Through the Van Delay brothers’ psychosomatic twin superpowers, Hank’s rapid ears for melody and Hungry’s precise and inventive left-hand drumming, loads of rockhits spawned and created the foundation for their debut album, Grand sensation.
An album that the critics call "The 21th century’s greatest album, ever" and "An album that keeps what it promises".
Vandelay explain their progress and success: " What we lack in musical talent, we make up for with the inability to rule our instruments".
In the early 2019, as the band was preparing for their first tour, a skilled guitar player Fredd joined forces to maintain the sophisticated quality of the songs, both live as well as in the studio.
The Vandelay sound comes from an almost unhealthy obsession for legendary rock acts such as Kiss, Guns n’ Roses, the Hellacopters and others, and its spirit burns flaming hot, thriving world dominance.

Year Formed

April 5, 2017

Artists and Music Groups I like

The Hellacopters, KISS, Imperial State Electric, Danko Jones, Turbonegro

Artists and Music Groups I've worked with

Stygian Fair, Crave, Supersonic Boom

Band or Group Members

Hank Fury – Vocals
Hungry Anderson – Drums
Eric Van Delay- Bass
Judge Fredd – Guitar
Rob Van Delay – Guitar

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Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

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The House For The Wicked
Peace of Mind
Julie Ann

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Henrik Björk


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