World Final in Malaysia 2011

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The World Final in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was the first GBOB World Final outside of London since 2004. It was covered by the country’s biggest music channel, AstroHitz. A Documentary of the show was produced by GBOB and Astrohitz, and was aired as a special in two episodes by the Malaysian Music Channel. Judges include Geir Waade, Kee Marcello (from 80’s band Europe), Gerry Helders (Universal Music Sweden) & GBOB CEO Tore Lande.

17 bands from all over the world traveled to the city and performed live before a Malaysian Audience.
Tokyo Taboo, England
Sonsteek, South Africa (4th Place)
White Walls, Romania (5th Place)
Nope, Morocco (6th Place)
River Raid, Brazil
Magua, Ukraine
Amazing Insurance Salesmen, China
Salvador, Russia (2nd Place)
Shenaniganz, Germany (3rd Place)
Voodoo Vanity, Norway
Luminasion, Thailand
Experienced, Belgium
Strangers, Indonesia
The Bombers, Malaysia
Dubtonic Kru, Jamaica (Champions)
Tillegra Damned, Australia
ExNN, Moldova

Dubtonic Kru, Champions

Voodoo Vanity, National Champions Norway 

River Raid, National Champions Brazil

Salvador, National Champions Russia

Tillegra Damned, National Champions Australia

Left to right: Experienced!?! (Belgium), Bombers (Malaysia), Tokyo Taboo (England), Magua (Ukraine)

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