World Finals in Thailand 2013

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The 2013 GBOB WORLD FINAL in Chiang Mai was an amazing four-day event which happened Feb 7 – Feb10. All band activities were filmed, and a documentary will be released soon. The concert was brought to you by Nok Air, MTV Thailand, CMSAA, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and the Chiang Mai Governor.

Chiang Mai, Thailand’s “Rose of the North”, is the cultural capital of the country, known for its wild tourist attractions such as elephants, tigers, as well as old temples.

The bands arrived at the Chiang Mai International Airport on the 6th of February. On the 7th of February, sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the bands went on a tour to the Chiang Mai Zoo, the Royal Flower Festival, the Elephant Camp, and the Long Neck Tribe. Afterwards, they were invited for a traditional Lanna Dinner at the famous Khum Kantoke ( where they witnessed thai cultural dance, as well as lit up night lanterns in the sky.

On the morning of the 8th of February, all bands came to the venue to go thru their Sound Check at the venue of the concert: The Central Festival in Chiang Mai. Present during the event were the crew of MTV Thailand and Singha Corporation, who conducted interviews with the bands even as they were having their rehearsals.

The show started later than planned, at 6:30 PM. Opening acts included the CMSAA Accapella Quartet and the Musicolli Kids – a band made up of members aged 5-9 years old. Speeches were given by the CMSAA President and other dignitaries.

The concert officially started at 7PM. Ms. Sonia Pim Couling, the host for the night, is a former MTV Asia VJ and an actress in Thailand. The Judges were Arian Prart, Jan Andre Heggem, and Henrik Algren.

Arian Prart is the president of PMG, the leading music company in Thailand which organizes massive rock concerts for international acts, owns the leading music magazine in the country, Overdrive, and in addition runs a music school. On a personal note, Prart is an amazing guitarist, and its his passion for musicians that ultimately drives the success of his endeavors.

Our second judge is Mr. Jan Andre Heggem, the Label Manager of GBOB Records, he’s been an international DJ for 20 years with bases in Amsterdam and Ibiza. He has been building up GBOB in Netherlands and the Philippines, and has been involved with GBOB Worldwide since 2004.

Our third judge is Mr. Henrik Alhgren, a swedish songwriter/producer currently based in SE Asia. As a former BMG writer with a good 20 years in the industry, Henrik has collaborated with top artists and co-written with A-list writers including Michael Jay(Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion etc.), Jeff Cohen (Mandy Moore, Spin Doctors etc.), Vince DeGeorgio (Caro Emerald), Harriet Roberts (Tina Turner etc.), Justin Gray, Stan Meisner (Celine Dion, Lara Fabian etc.), Jörgen Elofsson (Westlife, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys) and many others.

The bands performed in the following order:
Crawford Brothers (Australia)
Avante Guarden (Bahamas)
Zamazi (Vietnam)
Seven Pounds (Ukraine)
Firekind (United Kingdom)
Vox Mira (Belaurs)
The Nose (Malaysia)
Need (Thailand)
Roots of Nature (Philippines)
Cosmic Carnival (Netherlands)
Bombing the Avenue (Greece)
Doctor Victor (Czech Republic)
Joint Family Internationale (Nepal)
Dudes (Norway)
Rushk (Pakistan)

After all the bands have performed, R&B singer-songwriter Two Popetorn performed before the crowd – particularly before a bunch of screaming girls.

The judges were then called onstage and the Top 6 bands were announced:
Firekind (England) – WORLD CHAMPION
Doctor Victor (Czech Republic) – 1ST RUNNER UP
Need (Thailand) – 2nd RUNNER UP
Crawford Brothers (Australia) – 4th Place
Vox Mira (Belarus) – 5th Place
Dudes (Norway) – 6th Place

The day after the world final, the bands were invited to a Farewell Party, where the organizers and sponsors were recognized and given plaques of appreciation. Then the bands were invited to play at five local music venues all over the city, the night before they travel back.


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