An Interview with Kasvoton

About the Band Extreme death metal band from Lemi, Finland. Founded in 2010. Debut album finished, searching for record label / distributor.  Kasvoton : any story behind band name? First song told about mutilated faces. When did you get together as a band, and how did you guys find each other? What made you guys want to play music with …

An Interview with Beyond Awareness

Many thanks to Beyond Awareness for answering this interview – for sharing their insights, stories, and more.  About the Band Beyond Awareness is a 4-man modern metal band. Their captivating sound is a combination of heavy modern metal riffs, energetic drumming, emotional melodies and a voice that delivers the highs of the 80s and the growls of modern metal. The …

Transcendence – An Interview with Luminous Mind

The best thing about being in a studio is being able to perfect your vision of the music you have written. The possibilities in the studio are limitless, and you really are trying to create the definitive version of a song.

Edge of Mind – An Interview with Finis Mentis

“Finis Mentis” is a latin expression that freely translates into “Edge of mind” or “End of reason”. We both are interested in human thought processes and psychology in general.