The Influence of Classical Music

As a classical pianist, MUSE’s lead songwriter and keyboardist Matt Bellamy would pick up from Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Lizst, and other greats, reinvent the sound and incorporate them into their songs. He would also play other classical pieces from the greats during live concerts, pay tribute and in doing so introduce the classics to a new generation of music fans.

Fusion of Genres

In fusing EDM and country music, Avicii’s broke and rebuilt the EDM mould — the ultimate goal for any true musical vanguard. Do you have a song that combines two music genres? If so please feel free to send it here to win Points.

Playing Out Of The Box

No one could put Queen in a box. While others were trying to invent an original sound, Queen became original by doing all kinds of sounds, from old to new. Have you written at least three songs of different music genres, outside your normal music genre? If so, please send it here.

Melodies On Words

Elton John has an interesting way of putting melodies into anything. Have you ever tried writing a melody over any given piece of literature? Like a novel, a poem, or even as strange as a newspaper, instruction manual, and others? If so, please send a video of the song here.

Movie Soundtrack

Have you ever tried making orchestral tracks for a movie, using Production Software like Ableton and others? If so, please feel free to send your composition here.

Lyrics and Poetry

Are you good at playing with words in your song lyrics? If you have a song that sounds almost like poetry, you can send it here. The song can use vivid imagery, all sorts of figures of speech, and other techniques in poetry.

Songs For Change

Bob Dylan may not have the best voice, but he became the voice of a generation. Do you have a song advocating any kind of social change, advocacy, or peace? If yes, please feel free to send it here.

Melodies and Structure

For the past 20 years, Max Martin and his amazing team have been writing the most widely spread and hummed tunes in the world. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he has said “no” to almost every interview by a newspaper, magazine or TV-channel – until an interview with DiWeekend in Sweden, where he opened up his life and his songwriting.

Send Your Viral Video

Anything which resembles a viral video: pranks, interesting experiments, spoofs, funny moments, musician fails, costume videos, sitcoms, amazing stunts, animal videos, baby videos…

Send Your Music Video

Please send your best music video in the submission form below. The example above is Radiohead, for the song “No Surprises”, which comes to show how a very minimal video recording can achieve the feel you want for your song. A good music video doesn’t always need to be complicated.