Stand Up For The Heroes

‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ is a tribute to all the Front Workers who we feel need more than applause now. Proceeds from the downloads will go to Support those in need of support right now.

Heart Shape Pill

Single Release By Irish Born Artist Dar.Ra. Taken From The New Kinda Normal Album . On Kusha Deep Records 2020

The Refuge

Sonus Corona playing their prog rock song ‘The Refuge’


An accoustic delight. In a dreamy state a piece to the puzzle is conveyed to the protagonist.

Lets See What The Earth Has To Say (Music Video)

This song was written in Lockdown about Lockdown. The video shows a man who was happily cycling through life before lockdown and then The World Stops……. For A Moment. This is the sound of lockdown.

Lets See What the Earth Has to Say – Acoustic Live

Vote For This Video The Artist ABOUT THIS VIDEO The artist is Emma Gale from UK. This was a song written in lockdown about lockdown. Band Members in the video: Emma Gale and Peter Kirkbride ARE YOU A FAN? SHARE THIS VIDEO Share this video with your friends, have the vote, and help this band win! ARE YOU A MUSICIAN? …

Turn Off The TV

In Episode 2 of Jammy Man, the gang is back jamming the signal of a rascally raccoon, who wants nothing more than to veg out on some screen time. Jammy Man, playing Acoustic Guitar, his brother Tumbly Tumbler on Banjo, and that ole Bear on Mandolin pleads to “Turn Off the TV.”

Pick It Up

In this premiere episode of the animated Jammy Man series, Jammy Man and Tumbly Tumbler, in their classy red truck, Sadie, venture through the forest with all their friends with a catchy Cajun flavored song to “Pick It Up” in the great outdoors…