Send Your Third Music Video

Please send your third music video. The video above is “Night Sky” by “Benedikt and Friends We Are” from Norway. As you can see, music videos can be live videos recorded from anywhere – whether a live venue, in nature, in a moving car… anywhere at all.

Send Your Fourth Music Video

Please send your fourth music video. The video above is “Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling. As you can see, the music video can be an instrumental video with a little more creativity than the average bedroom jam.

Send Your Fifth Music Video

Please send your fifth music video. The video above features the famous “Mad Drummer” Steve Moore in the first video that went viral and turned him into a Youtube star. As you can see from the example above, music videos don’t have to be serious. They can be viral videos of any sort as long as it features your band and an original song, a short tune, or anything related to that. As long as they are interesting, they can win.

Send Your Sixth Music Video

PLease send your sixth music video here. The song above is “Only Your Heart” by Sonoride from Sweden. As you can see from the example above, music videos can still be accepted and win even if it were just a lyric video, an album cover, or other similar things – if the song is really good.

Walking Rumor “Tears Me Apart” (Official Music Video) | Narrative Music Videos

Walking Rumor wrote the song Tears me Apart back in 2016. When their hero Chester Bennington took his own life it affected the band deeply, so they decided to make a music video dedicated to their lost idol. The story being told is; To make amends with a love one lost too soon, like a son, mother, brother or lover. The script was written by Kenneth Gustavsson (vocalist) and the movie was directed by Tanne Sommer.

Counterpoint Harmonies

Counterpoint harmonies were born in the Baroque and Renaissance Era, where music had multiple distinct melodic lines – each able to stand on its own – combined together to form harmony. Counterpoint Harmonies are sometimes complex melodic arrangements, what some people would call a “symphony”. A Fugue is a music form popularized during the Baroque Era that uses counterpoints. Please …

Vocal Harmonies

As a young adult, Brian Wilson was already arranging full symphonies in his head. He broke the rules of chord progressions and came up with music still unmatched by producers and songwriters to this day. Have you tried using vocal harmonies in some of your songs? Cifferent kinds of basic vocal harmonies, from two-part harmonies, 3 to 4 part harmonies, a capellas, and doo-wop.