Songs in the Library

If you’ve ever tried performing a song in a library, like a serenade of a flash mob, you can send video of your experience here. It can be during an official event, or an unofficial ‘quiet’ song played for someone.

Songs in School

A video footage of you or your band performing in school. It can be during an official event, or just a prank during class. If you have such a footage, you may send it here.

Songs In The Workplace

If you’ve ever tried performing a song in the office and filming it on your phone, you can send the video here. Turn the “bored” meeting into a mosh pit, or break the ice in the office with a serenade.

Songs In The Supermarket

Just for fun, have you ever tried doing a song in the middle of the supermarket? Strange, but see some interesting videos. If you have something similar, you can send it here.


Record a song during a rehearsal. No fuss, no frills. Just you and the sound. This can be a home studio, or in another recording studio elsewhere. Something interesting when capturing a video is forgetting there even was a video. Forget about everything else and just enjoy it.

Garage Sessions

A film recording of any song or practice session in a garage, that include either you or a whole band. If you have something like this, you can send it here and earn points.

Backyard Sessions

If you have a live session recording filmed in your backyard, please send it here. It can be a backyard party, or just you and your band during a quiet day.

Bathroom Sessions

Just for fun, if you’ve ever tried making music in a bathroom – any kind of bathroom – and recorded it on camera, you can send it here.

Kitchen Sessions

For fun, have you tried filming a live session while in the kitchen? If so, you can send it here. As you can see, there are many interesting ways to do it.

Rooftop Sessions

Have you ever filmed a song in some kind of roof top or balcony? If you have, please send it here. Any rooftop would do: a house, an apartment, balcony, trailer top, or others.