Animated Music Videos

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Computer graphics and animation took the limits off on what's visually possible in the film industry. As long as you can imagine it, there’s now a way to recreate it. Nowadays you don’t even need a multi-million budget to do so. Sometimes you just need a friend who has a laptop and is good with animation software, and you’re good to go. (Or you can always use royalty-free stock animation if that fits.)

The group A-Ha, with their smash hit "Take On Me", were the first in history to use rotoscoping illustration mixed with live-action in a music video. Back when computer graphics were yet unheard of in film. The legendary clip, directed by Steve Barron, took two months to create and 3000 sketches to make, but it was worth the effort: At the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards, “Take on Me” took home six trophies and put a-ha on the fast track to fame in the U.S.

Do you have a song that could work well with an animated video? Why not try? In the videos below: Gorillaz, the first and only band with a purely animated identity; Daft Punk, who has never appeared in public without a mask, with their song "Celebrate"; and the thousands of lyric videos out there since lyric videos became an "in" thing.

Its fine to use royalty-free animation as long as it fits well with your song. Lyric videos can be considered as animated videos.


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