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Throughout the history of pop, the most iconic dance moves and crazes were often created to promote new song releases, from Chubby Checker's "Let's Twist Again", to Saturday Night Live's Disco, the Macarena for Latin Music, Psy's Gangnam Style, and the most iconic Moonwalk by Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" ushered in a new era for music in the 80s - one where video and visuals became the 'new game', launching what then would become the "music video giant" MTV. Decades since "Thriller's" release, the video still captures the minds and imagination of artists and music fans today - in movies, other music videos, and thousands of Youtube fan videos.

So what makes a dance move iconic? Uniqueness? Simplicity? Ever tried using choreography in a music video? If so, please feel free to send your video here.

Note: If dancing is not your thing, the dancer doesn't have to be anyone in the band, like Fat Boy Slim's video for "Weapon of Choice" in the video below. Your song doesn't even have to be pop - take a look at Babymetal in their video as well.There are hundreds of unexplored traditional dances around the world, and you might just find the next big thing if you search real good. Just like how Michael Jackson transformed miming into a dance routine. Or how Beyonce's "Single Ladies" used ideas from Bob Fosse's routine in "Mexican Breakfast." What choreography can you create with dances like the Maori Haka, or Chinese Wushu, India's Bollywood, or the Philippine Coconut Dance, for example?


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