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Check out an interesting development in music videos today – interactive. The ones here illustrate an interactive story-line, a mystery hunt, and some facial recognition.

Creating an interactive music video doesn’t have to be rocket science. With just a video camera and basic knowledge in web development, you can create an adventure game like  “Words Hurt” - A “choose your own adventure” video by director Romain Chassaing and SoLab for Naive New Beaters’ track. There are tons of story lines to explore, and soon you’ll find yourself trying the game and listening to the music over and over again.

Have you tried creating an interactive music video yet? If you have, please send it here.

This is more like a horror film, or a whodunnit. As the song plays, you can use the space bar to flash between two different short films – one which begins with a girl screaming as people try to break into her house, the other focuses on a fisherman who’s found himself at the crime scene.

The great thing about this is that you get the choose your own narrative. This is how storytelling is going to develop when virtual reality becomes more accessible too. The viewers are essentially being given their own cameras, expanding the frame of the film to 360 degrees, and directors are having to come up with new ideas for what to fill it with. Go explore.

This is not only a powerful music video, but it’s a really important bit of political commentary, underscored by an incredibly creative use of facial recognition technology.

Inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the video accesses your webcam and plays you the song at the same time as displaying the names and faces of victims of racial injustice. If you look away from the screen, the camera notices, and the song stops. A really simple idea, executed to devastating effect. Take a look.


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