Comedy Music Videos

If you have a music video for laughs, you can send them here. Please note that it must be an original song. SNL’s Lonely Island – this is what they do.

Parody Music Videos

If you have a hilarious cover song, or if you’ve created a completely new song using another character’s persona, you can send your video here.

Prank Calls

Just for fun, have you ever tried to use music in a prank call? If yes, please feel free to send your video here. Some ideas below: black metal pizza order, brutal metal customer service, serenade proposal gone wrong – in the wrong number, famous rockstar impersonation, and others.

Acrobatic Piano

What crazy stunt can you think of in the Piano? From Acrobatic Piano, to Giant Street Pianos, juggling pianos… If you or a band mate knows how to play piano, do an amazing piano stunt no one has ever done before, and you win.

Space Drums

Can you create a drum stunt during a drum solo: drumming with fire or water, roller-coaster drums, spinning drums, bouncing drums, Drum TNT, bizarre drumming kits…

You Are The Music

What kind of music can you make with your body parts? As a solo act or a band, send your video here. Some epic, interesting, or weird videos below…

Air Guitar

Have you ever tried air guitar? Doing a guitar solo basically without a guitar. Its serious business. There’s a worldwide competition about it. You can do other music instruments too if you want.