“Gasoline” by Kokowerk from Norway

KOKOWER’s first single “Gasoline” (2018). The band are influcenced by rock bands like ZZ top, ACDC, Hellacopters and Danko Jones. The song was written as a tribute to recent deceased Malcolm Young and believe it or not Kicksledge World Championship in Norway, where the band participates every year as you can see in the Gasoline music video. What a combo!

“Breaking Up” by Eric & The Horsemen from Norway

This video is a collection of videos and images taken by the band members, fans and press, on Eric & The Horsemen’s journey to making their first EP. Breaking Up is the first track on Eric & The Horsemen’s EP “Falling For Heartbreak”. The album is available everywhere you can find digital music. This is an upbeat song, with a punk vibe. Perfect is you ever need a way to handle your fury, or when going for a run.


An upbeat pop rock song. The American inspired video takes you out in the beautiful nature of the coast of Stavanger in Norway. In the video: Mario Adjemi

Talking About Love

Recorded Live in a industrial hall outside of Stavanger, Norway. Shoot by: Matthew Phillips. In the Video: Mario Adjemi, Vidar Schea, Stig Hansen, Sebastian Mikalsen, Sander Sævik

Kæri Vinur | First Song

Kæri Vinur (Dear Friend) is an Icelandic song and tells the story about the beautiful strong Icelandic nature, mountains and me. And where the dear friend is not able to see this beautiful nature even thought it´s right there in front of him.