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Songwriting and Video Challenge

Songwriting and Video Challenge




The Race is a songwriting and viral video movement and competition
for all artists worldwide

The Race is a songwriting and viral video movement and competition for all artists worldwide



Step 1 : Crowd-based and Guided Creation of Content

Musicians who are Pro Members will pick from music activities posted online by GMG and Judges, and do them in front of a video camera. They must be recognizeable on video. These music activities include everything from musical styles, techniques, songwriting, social activities and live gigs, and viral video samples. Categories were made in order to maintain a little quality control in songs and videos sent. Nevertheless, there are purely random categories that will give musicians complete liberty to send whatever they like.

Just like other Viral Video Currators online, we will have a "dropbox" of viral video submissions from anyone, to be featured online if they are interested, but will earn no Points. This is only for Free Members.

See different categories of songs and videos.

Then they will send the video to us, and we will post in online.

Step 2 : Promotion System


Just like the ice-bucket challenge some years ago, whenever musicians send a video, just for fun, they can pass on the challenge another musician - a friend, or even someone famous whom they don't know personally.


Some videos are more fun to do online. Artists living nearby can do videos together in groups. They just have to create a schedule online.


We will release regular social media posts and monthly email blasts to participating artists to let them know..

  1. New Challenges Posted Online
  2. Who is leading in Points per country
  3. Featured Artists Per Challenge, Per Month

These regular activities and announcements are aimed at keeping artists engaged and interested the whole year.


Step 3 : Scoring and Winner Promotion

Monthly Winners

The videos being sent will be listened to by GMG Staff and Judges, and every month we will pick the best from each category, from all total video submissions (meaning a video that was sent last month can still be chosen as the best video this month). These videos will receive huge Points. Judges and Staff can also leave comments on the videos of musicians, as advice especially in songwriting, in what they can improve, and others.

The Judges

The judges will include a whole lot of people from around the world - music teachers, radio djs, promoters, music executives, A&Rs from different record labels, booking agents, and more. They will be given GMG Accounts marked as "Judges" and they will be awarded a special number of Points whom they can give to musicians as they feel deserving.

Video Promotion

The best videos per month from each category will be branded with GMG and uploaded in GMG's Social Media and Video Channels, and will be sent to relevant Music or Viral Video Currators online, even TV Partners.

Effort Points, Fan Points, Viral Video Points

There are other ways to earn Points : by earning votes and points from fans online, by doing more music tasks (because effort and willingness to learn more styles of music is also rewarded), and by producing a song or video that goes viral.

See Points System.

Step 4 : Finishing The Race

Musicians can send songs and videos until the end of the countdown, which gives them almost one year to create and send content. The top songs and videos the whole year will be sent online to various Guest Judges, who will give huge points and determine who the winners will be. 

Prize Partners

We will be securing prize partners from different Music Companies around the world, for prizes for winners and other top bands.


An Online Reality TV Format

The Race aims to collect videos and content that can be made into a kind of Reality TV, similar to "America's Funniest Videos", "Just for Laughs", "Survivor"... 

Inclusion of Video in Songwriting Competitions

Most online songwriting competitions will promise an audience with top people in the Music Industry. However, The Race believes that video nowadays plays a HUGE role in the discovery of new artists and music. In addition to giving musicians an audience with people in the music business, we will also give them promotion via their video.

Both an Online Competition and an Education System

As you will see, The Race encourages musicians to do more than what they previously knew how to do. It encourages them to learn more musical styles, get out into the world and do new things, and connect with more people. The purpose of this is to help them grow as artists and to help them discover musical styles they've never tried before, also to help them become more confident of their art and of themselves in general.


Membership Fees

We charge a small joining fee for artists into The Race.

Partnership and Sponsor Fees

Brand Sponsors and partnerships can include various brands for young people, music instruments, music schools. We refrain from alcohol, cigarette, and other vice sponsors not welcoming to all-age events. 

Affiliate Sales and Online Advertising

In the website, we will launch sales of products related to music and the Race, such as online courses, music instruments, hotels, and others. As Affiliate Partners, we will earn commission from their sales.


Customized learning program for each student

The Race creates a list of music activities online, and lets musicians choose the activities they want to accomplish. If they lack knowledge on how to accomplish a certain task, they can read or watch links that teach them how to do it. They even have the possibility to schedule a few minutes our hours with an available mentor online.

More learning experiences outside the classroom

The tasks in the Race are done at the student's preferred time, with the knowledge readily available from their device - even with the presence of a mentor guiding them through cameras and video livestreaming at scheduled times.

A System of evaluation and mentorship that is "crowd-based", so that each student is able to gather advice and learn from multiple mentors at the same time

Today, the Internet is filled with websites that offer free education via a set of video courses, but not many are able to offer personal mentorship because of time constraints and others.

But if the process were reversed - if it wasn't only the mentors uploading video lessons and plans online, but the students are also able to record their learning process, tasks done and activities on video or photos - and upload it online.

If that were so, it would give mentors the freedom to watch those videos and send their written or spoken advice at their preferred time, and at any place most convenient.

And not only that. Since the students' video-recorded activities are readily accessible online, anytime, this will give them a chance to  be seen, heard, and given advice by multiple mentors at one time.