See all the ways you can earn Points in this game.

Time left till the end of The Race

31 May 2020


If you've arrived sometime at the middle - or even near the end - of the year, you still have a great chance of winning. Read some tips below,

Make a really good SONG OR video

Do the hardest GIGS first

Do as many videos as you can
Try your chances in going viral

Building a Fan Army...

Did you know? You can earn points when fans transfer Points to you. In every member profile, there is a "Point-Transfer Widget" like the one below where you can give - or recieve - points from all members in the website. Ask your fans to give you points and win this game ๐Ÿ™‚ Please note that they can only transfer "Activity Points".

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Badges are won when you do certain challenges or complete a set of challenges.
You get them the moment you accomplish the gig, or set of gigs.

Coming soon...


Ranks are titles you receive when you reach a certain amount of Points.

You are officially at the bottom of the ranks, earning Points just by sitting around and clicking on this website. Lame. Its time to do your first gig…

0.00 โ€“ 99.00

So now you’ve done your first video. You are officially in the game. Its time to get into the zone and do more.

100.00 โ€“ 499.00

It seems your getting the hang of it, feeling more comfortable with your band videos. Perhaps you’ve done all the easy stuff. Now this is where the real Race begins…

500.00 โ€“ 4,999.00

Wow! I’m impressed. By this time you are climbing the charts and getting noticed by some of our A&R and Judges online.

5,000.00 โ€“ 9,999.00

You. are. pure. AWESOMENESS. It takes some guts and hard work to reach this far, and you’ve done it. You must be proud of yourself.

10,000.00 โ€“ 14,999.00

You, my friend, are on Fire. Mister Fahrenheit. And nothing’s stopping you now from trailblazing to the top.

15,000.00 โ€“ 19,999.00

You are an extreme musician. If music were a sport, you’d be winning it all the time.

20,000.00 โ€“ 24,999.00

Its almost practically impossible for anyone to have reached this far. But you did it. You are officially a living legend

25,000.00 โ€“ 49,999.00

You have just risen way beyond the atmosphere and above everyone else. Congratulations. You are close to winning the whole games.

50,000.00 โ€“


Race Points

Points you win for sending videos

Instance Amount Limit
Race Points for posting a new gig video entitled *title of your video* 100.00 No limit

Voting Points

Points you win for getting ratings or votes from other Members

Instance Amount Limit
Voting Points for getting a vote Based on rating No limit

Activity Points

Points you win for being active inside the Community

Instance Amount Limit
Activity Points for becoming a member 5.00 -
Activity Points for site visit 0.10 -
Activity Points for viewing a post 0.10 Maximum once per day
Activity Points for viewing a page 0.10 Maximum once per day
Activity Points for logging in 0.10 Maximum once per day
Activity Points for Approved Comment 0.10 -
Activity Points for updating profile 0.10 Maximum once per day
Activity Points for new avatar 0.10 No limit
Activity Points for new friendship 1.00 No limit
Activity Points for new comment 0.10 No limit
Activity Points for adding an activity to favorites 0.10 No limit
Activity Points for sending a message 0.10 No limit
Activity Points for rating 0.10 Maximum once per day