Theatrical Music Videos

Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" could be the finest example of theatrical techniques being used in music videos. Using pantomime- influenced dance choreography combined with traditional stage acting, with amazing stage blocking and scene coordination, Michael Jackson created a masterpiece.

Theatrical Art styles can include Opera, Pantomime, Puppets, Shadow Theater, Musicals, and more. Unlike movie actors, theater actors use 'bigger' and more elaborate acting and movement, because in a theater no one can watch you upclose - they will all have to watch and understand your emotions from afar. Capturing this kind of acting on video is interesting and perhaps not so often done.

Are you able to use these techniques in your next music video? Why not try. Check out other videos below -


Send a music video influenced by theatrical Art styles like Opera, Pantomime, Puppets, Shadow Theater, Musicals and more . . .

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