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“Imprisonment, alienation, psychiatric detention and isolation: this is Brexit, the song of the renegade sun. Because renegade is the awareness of the whole and of freedom. And the conformist sister reigns, while I scratch the days, I jump on a new horizon and new conditions set Brexit is the faint scream of a humanity that takes itself prisoner and sticks its head in a tube.
Correct, cancel, throw away everything as you like. Mercilessly, please. ”

Video Description
“When the world gets smaller and narrower, the eye can expand to find other ways of escape. The video of” Renegade Sun (Brexit) “for Stolen Apple is a sensory exploration between reality and memory, made with optical instruments, scientific detection devices, analogical fragments torn from time and radically transformed object trouvé. Around our houses there is a hidden abyss “.

NoWareArt profile
“Optical, organic, inorganic. NoWareArt looks for life where it hides. It shapes the analogue into the digital. And vice versa”

Profile Stolen Apple
Free musical expression project, the band was born in Florence in 2008 from the ashes of Nest, authors of two works published respectively for Urtovox / Audioglobe (“Drifting”, 2001) and Zahr Records / Blackcandy – Audioglobe (“Isnt ‘it ?, 2007). From the original nucleus, (material and news on, two founding members remain, Riccardo Dugini (voice, guitar) and Luca Petrarchi (voice, guitar); to complete the staff Massimiliano Zatini, already joined to Nest as a percussionist in some acoustic experiments and here on bass and Alessandro Pagani (drummer of Subterraneans and one of the minds of Valvola / Shado Records), already present in the formation for a period in the middle of 90s when the group was called Malastrana.