World Music Instrumental

There are interesting ideas you can get from every country around the world. Some music genres and "new" music styles today were influenced by traditional art and music styles, such as Michael Jackson and French Miming or David Bowie's modern rendition of Japanese Kabuki. Listen to the videos here, from the Maori Chants to Indian Bolllywood Music.

Do you have access to traditional music instruments? Are you interested in creating a traditional music instrumental with your country's native instruments? Please send a video here. An instrumental that blends all instruments involved or highlights each instrument in the song. Even come up with a new technique, arrangement, or fusion of genres.


Share the video, write a message and tag a friend you want to challenge to do this.


As a group, create an instrumental using world music styles, such as Caribbean, Chinese music, and more. Win The Race and get to play live in the upcoming Global Battle of the Bands World Final . . .

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